deep sea diver and giant octopus tattoo | Diver & Octopus #38742

deep sea diver and giant octopus tattoo

Designs by: Artistic_Auras


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Entry : #38742

Diver & Octopus

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deep sea diver and giant octopus - Diver & Octopus
Winning Entry
deep sea diver and giant octopus - Diver & Octopus
deep sea diver and giant octopus - Diver & Octopus
deep sea diver and giant octopus - Diver & Octopus
deep sea diver and giant octopus - Diver & Octopus


May 4 2012 5:31pm


Thanks for your glowing praise. I worked really hard on it and enjoyed every minute of it. You were great to work with too. Nice to draw for someone who knows exactly what they want. Even if you dont pick mine, I would be happy to work with you again on future pieces :)
scobius     Contest Holder
May 4 2012 5:09pm

im lost for words !

i truly love the red octopus supurb choice of colours well done!!!
scobius     Contest Holder
May 4 2012 5:03pm

thank you

wow simply awsome! 1 sec im still looking!
May 4 2012 5:02pm

Version three

Submitted design #38742

Colored the octopus and anchor and harpoon blade. faceplate is gray on this one. I could combine any of these elements for the final piece if you decide to go with mine. Thanks this was fun! Cheers!
May 4 2012 5:00pm

Version two

Submitted design #38741

This one has a dark face plate. Wasnt sure which youd prefer..
May 4 2012 4:59pm

Version one

Submitted design #38739

Light requested colors and light face plate on this one...
scobius     Contest Holder
May 4 2012 4:26pm

extension ?

hi artistic if your struggling with real life stuff i will be extending contest again (if im able?) if you have not turned drawing in let me know how much time you need if not ill do it till sun eav (uk time)
May 1 2012 4:33pm

Thanks for the extension!

Sorry to keep you in suspense haha. I have the outline in ink finished and wanted to get a decent scan of it before I put all the shading/color in. This way, IF you choose mine, we will have the outline/stencil and finished piece ready to transfer to you immediately. Can't wait to get it finished and turned in, cause I know you're gonna love it! ;) Cheers
scobius     Contest Holder
May 1 2012 12:45pm

no prob

i have had a few request for a extention so no problem only downside is i want to see it aaaaggggghhhhh!!!! lol . all the best scobius
May 1 2012 1:10am

Guess I'll be the one to ask...

Can I please have an extension til the end of the week? I started a new job this week and won't have drawing time again until thurs. It's coming out awesome! I just don't want to rush it. Thanks a bunch!
scobius     Contest Holder
April 26 2012 6:13pm

thanks again

thanks you for the info and the additional drawings you are going above and beyond the call of duty ! ill have to get some shut eye soon so the likelyhood of me giving any meaningfull imput until around 5 pm tomorrow is slim ill check on phone during the day and if you have any questions ill try to reply. scobius
April 26 2012 6:01pm

Metallic Ink

It's not a stupid question. To the extent of my knowledge, no metallic ink is available in the market yet, because they haven't figured out how to make it "sparkle" and still be safe for your body. The best we can do is approximate the tone with a yellowish or orangish tone. As for the octopus, I'll submit one version with a bit of red and one without so you can see what it looks ilke. I think a subtle darker red would look best if you decide to go with the colored version.
scobius     Contest Holder
April 26 2012 5:50pm

red mmm

simple aswer is i dont know ! i dont think so i would prefer a moodier look if that makes sense? speaking of colours can you make a brass colour with tattoo ink ?may be a stupid question but i had to ask!
April 26 2012 5:42pm

p.s. again

want some red in the octopus?
April 26 2012 5:40pm

Got it!

Email came through, thanks! I googled "deep sea diver" and got some good reference pix as well. I was thinking I needed to widen the shoulders a bit too, so that confirms that. I also googled "British seaweed" so we have that goin for us. I'll be back to you soon with a nice inked/colored version soon!
scobius     Contest Holder
April 26 2012 5:34pm

you got mail

hi i sent you a email with that photo as a attachment! let me know if you dont recieve it
scobius     Contest Holder
April 26 2012 5:20pm

thanks for tips

at last finished my work now down to fun stuff! ok first off i didnt realise you could extend date that may come in handy the spear position i am completly happy with it was more the form of the arm not the position its self so no need to worry to much about that bit. i like the tentacle round the spear as well .as in regard to the plants and seabed its perfect please dont change it i prefer the seaweed to coral to be honest it must be me being used to british waters lol! my thoughts for the tattoo would be keep the colours limited as posible but perhaps colour the seaweed a brighter green and try and bring out the brass colour some how ? i cant find the original photo of the diver or the link i got it from doh! ill keep looking for it and email to you or a equivelent asap . sorry if my spelling is really bad my brain is a bit fried at the mo lol.ok ill get back to you asap ta
April 26 2012 3:18pm

wouldn't let me post my email?

it posted my address as a #. So we'll try to get around it. My email is the same as my name ArtisticAuras (without the space) at
April 26 2012 3:16pm


It's incredibly difficult to see the small example photo you posted, as the website wont let me zoom in or save it to my computer. Would you mind terribly much emailing your example pic to me? My email address is: #anks!
April 26 2012 3:12pm


I couldn't agree more! The diver's arm in question has been the one detail left that's been bugging me. I've been thinking he needs his elbow out to make it look more like he's thrusting the spear instead of having it taken away from him (and a lil extra muscular enhancement couldn't hurt either). I was debating on the grill over the faceplate, so that settles that detail. As far as the seaweed goes, I was thinking of taking out a couple of the plants on the rocks and replacing them with sea anemones and maybe a starfish. What do you think? Thanks again for your consistently prompt feedback! It's easy to get lost in the details on a fun piece like this, so it helps to have reassurance from a like-minded individual. Also keep in mind that you have the option to extend the contest deadline if you feel you need more time to have the details tweeked. Thanks again!
scobius     Contest Holder
April 26 2012 2:09pm


hi artistic you really do not like making my life easy do you ! lol. ok here goes the design that you have done is simply the most detailed i have recieved beautiful design ive had so far i just love the details you have put in and thank you for listening to my suggestions they are perfect as well ..... but (im sorry there has to be a but )there still one item i would want to tweek and thats the diver himself when i look at him there is a bit of attitude missing i think ive pinned it down to his left shoulder. as you look at him the right one looks good its got a slightly muscular look , i think if the left shoulder and left arm (the one holding the spear) were beafed up a bit it would make a huge difference .i keep on going back to the photo of the diver in the surf i posted with the description if you could replicate the proportions of that diver you would rock! ok the other bits are cosmetic, i would like to see a grill on the front of divers visor like in the pic . sorry if i caused any trouble i apprieciate theres not alot of time im dying to give that 5th star its 4+++++ at the moment thanks again for some great work! kind regards scobius....oh sod it have the 5 th star its to good not to give it lol
April 26 2012 12:18pm

Pencil Sketch 2

Submitted design #37779

Thanks for all the quick feedback. I really appreciate working with someone who knows exactly what they want. Too bad we can't see the other artists entries to combine what you need, but I guess the contest wouldn't be fair that way...
scobius     Contest Holder
April 23 2012 2:42am

feed back time!

hi artistic thanks very much for you entry. ok positives first i think the octopus is absolutly perfect it is just the look i was after so well done. i do like like the harpoon idea thats pretty cool and i really really like your idea about silouetting the diver with the suns rays do you think this can be pulled off as a tattoo? i see what your saying about the other hand of the diver i would perhaps like to see the diver holding a chain from the surface it could even be attached to a anchor what do you think ? i like the idea of seaweed on the ocean floor with a couple of rocks as opposed to the corals.i dont know if your able to see the the other artists work but fightgonebad has done some simple weed shapes and i think they would look effected in green on a tattoo ? and if the octopus could have a tentacle perhaps wraped round a rock that would make it look even more natural . great work though thanks in advance kind regards scobius
scobius     Contest Holder
April 22 2012 6:34pm

Quick note

Thanks aura I just checked out your sketch on my phone and it looking awesome its a bit late for me to study it tonight (uk time) so I'll try to get up early and give some feedback if not Monday early evening after I finish work kind regards scobius
April 22 2012 5:56pm

Pencil Sketch 1

Submitted design #37384

I'm at a point where I need some feedback to continue. I've been having a few issues figuring out the arm placement of the diver. Do you like the harpoon idea? and any ideas on what he should be doing with his other hand? I will be filling in the bottom right "corner" with seaweed or coral as well as on some of the rock shelves. I'd also like to shade the diver to be more of a silouette with the sun rays coming through the water behind him. Let me know what you think...
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