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Compass, snakes, and birds

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snake finished

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Compass, snakes, and birds - snake finished
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Compass, snakes, and birds - Here you go Bobby :)
Compass, snakes, and birds - A few little changes
Compass, snakes, and birds - Outline of aged compass and snakes


pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
August 5 2013 6:14am


by advice you mean how much to give? yes i told the site how big i expected the piece, and how much detail i expected, and they suggested my contest start at $60. I added 1/3 more to it for $80. How much do you think it should've been?

Also, I hope I don't discourage you from stopping, because you are so talented! In case you do slow down though, can you give your e-mail to me so I can contact you in the future for other tattoos?
August 4 2013 6:39pm

Don't feel Bad Mate

thats not what I want at all, I was only being honest, I have been working on here since it began and I just feel honesty is always the best policy and I was only trying to help give you some advice to try and get as more artists to enter, we all offer the same advice at times

I appreciate that you asked for advice :) your the second person recently that said that to me, in fact the other tattoo thats up for competition now, I'd like to ask is it create my tattoo that is giving you advice?
The other tattoo is for a $150 tattoo and its so over $500 design. So someone out there under valuing our years of training and hard work.

Please don't feel bad, I didn't want you to feel bad :(

From what you said and how I have been feeling lately on here, I am thinking of not designing on here as often.

Warm Regards

pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
August 3 2013 5:27am

Prize increase

I saw your message on the public board and I wanted to clear up a few things. You work is enormously appreciated and I am completely happy with it. I did NOT extend the contest because I hadn't found a great piece yet. The site promises a minimum amount of entries, which weren't met, so they extended the contest for one week.

I'm sorry to hear that my prize amount isn't enough for your work :( It's my first time on the site, and when I set it up, I told them what I wanted and they gave a prize suggestion. I offered a higher prize than they suggested. I am a huge fan of art and thought this process would be awesome, but I do not have a lot of money. I will see if I can come up with any more to put towards this so you can feel your time wasn't wasted, but unfortunately it won't be much. Either way you will win. I just feel bad about the whole thing now.

pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
July 23 2013 5:12am


That sounds very fair. You have definitely spent a lot of time on this and it is much appreciated. After the contest is over if you will make the final changes that would be fantastic.

Thanks again!!
July 22 2013 10:02pm


As I have done more than I expected to do time wise at the moment, for the prize amount and because this a a competition and not a commission, if no one else comes up with anything you like. Then when the competition ends, and you do choose me, I would gladly take the birds out and add more details to the compass for you :)

Its fine for me to do that and thank you Bobby :)

Warm Regards

pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
July 22 2013 9:08am


I love it... Awesome work. And thank you for what seems like a hassle to go to the coffee shop all the time!

I think looking at it, I prob will take the birds out. You did a fine job placing them in but I feel like they take away form what otherwise is a really beautiful piece. And as far as the meaning they have for me, it may make sense to have them in a separate piece anyway...
And I love the approach to making the compass looked cracked and worn. I'd prob like to take that further.

I don't know how you go about fixing things, like if you have to start from scratch every time, or if you can just amend what's there. If possible, the final piece could have no birds, and the compass with a little more texture in the same way you already started it. Seriously...the shading yo did was just fantastic. You are very gifted!

It's safe to say at this point that your design is my favorite I have received.
So thank you for putting up with all my revisions and helping me bring this tattoo to life. I am truly grateful!

Let me know!
July 21 2013 11:48pm

No Subject

Submitted design #109988

just done the shading in bobby I hope you like ;)

Warm Regards

July 21 2013 6:09am

No Subject

Submitted design #109864

Sorry its so late again, we have lost our internet again today, but our local coffee shop has free wifi so I just popped out for a nice coffee,

It buddha holiday here in Thailand for the next 2 days so I don't expect they will sort it out till wednesday now, but I'm here for a short while so I will upload the finished design and come back here for another coffee shop ;)
pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
July 20 2013 7:53pm

So sorry

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how devastating it can be.

I appreciate it so much that you can find the time to continue working on this for me.
Yes I'd like both snake heads off center. Can't wait to see it I'm so excited!
July 20 2013 7:01pm

Hi Bobby

Sorry Bobby I havent forgotten you, we have had just a bad week :( our little girl died on Tuesday and we lost our internet connection with 3BB as well so we had to get the tech guys in, are home and computer connections were okay and they base place said we were okay but the was a line in between that wasn't so they had to replace that. It has happened once before here. doh!

Anyway I know we only had a little hamster but she was our world because we work from home we got to spend a lot of time with her and bond, she was the best little girl and i'm missing her I have been feeling so flat this week.

Anyways were going out with friends this lunchtime, so I will add the adjustments in before I go so I will have something for you shortly. Then I will shade it in later today, so I will only work on your job today and not anything else till I get it done ;)

Would you like both snake heads to be like the bottom one? Off centre?
Warm Regards

pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
July 20 2013 5:40am



I've been looking forward to your next design with the bids and such. Just hoping you didn't forget about me!

pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
July 17 2013 5:36am


sounds great!
July 17 2013 3:42am

Okay will do some more tomorrow for you

I can exaggerate the snake some more no probe, as for the snakes body I may just shade them inand put a few hints of scales, just as effective but less time to do hopefully and a lot easier for the tattooist. birds I will also add some birds in tomorrow for you
pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
July 16 2013 7:47am


Yes I def like it. I think the snakes head to the side of the spikes will be the way to go. I will want the snakes even more aggressive like with exaggerated open mouths/fangs/eyes. I love the longer spike and would go further with it still (would keep the piece the same size and just extend the spike out of it longer.)

Are you still coming up with an idea to incorporate the birds? I hope so because I've been anticipating what you would come up with!

And finally, the shading helped like you said, but I'm curious still what you envision the final piece would look like? Would the snake have scales all over and you are just leaving that out? or you envision it as is? And the things like the tattered compass you mentioned...will you be showing it like that? I'm just a little confused about a final product here!

I'm spending a lot of time because yours is my favorite to be presented so far, so I'm eager to get it complete and seen all the way thru :)
July 15 2013 11:01pm

No Subject

Submitted design #108886

Hi again well I have made the snakes heads a little more fierce and I moved the one slightly to the side to see which one you prefer and on the other one I made the spike appear above the head. With the longer spike on the South the spike either has to go behind or to the side, because going the front would cover the snakes eye :(.

Anyway now that I have darkened the lines and added a little shading you can see what is going on more.

I hope you like ;)
pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
July 15 2013 9:48pm

Call me Bobby!


So thanks for your reply. Sounds like you are pretty open to whatever art life brings you :)

Forgive my naivety, but I have only one tattoo currently which was designed in shop by the artist doing the work, and this is my first online contest and I don't know what to expect. So when you say the details are easily tattoo-able, does that mean I should plan to take your outline with no detail to the tattoo-artist to shade and detail to their liking? I was hoping to see your take on the details as I admire your other work's intricacy, but let me know more how I should plan to handle it.

Since you'll be attacking the snake heads again, I do have one thought which I am not sure of, but wanted your design opinion. What if the compass stayed straight as it is, but the Auryn (snakes) rotated slightly a few degrees so that they appear to the side of the spikes, instead of appearing to almost be pierced by them. Totally open to your design discretion if you think it's better as it is, I'll trust your judgment, but thought it was worth mentioning before you make changes. Let me know. Thanks again!

July 15 2013 8:43pm

Hi Pelagimusic

I'm glad you like it so far :)

In answer to your questions I have done some tattooing myself, but because of my traveling lifestyle it does not really allow me to tattoo regularly. Which is why I design plus who knows what the future holds if I get offered an apprenticeship in the right country then off course I will go for it ;)

The details in the design should be easily tattoo able, the only thing I might alter id the little spikes I would make then thicker. The main thing here is working with a circle will be fun for them, but because you want it torn and tattered that will really help with your design, plus it breaks up the circle.

I think the design looks confusing because one you only see it small and 2 its just the lining in ;) it will come together when the shading comes into play :)

Snake head I will do something a little more aggressive shortly ;)

Warm Regards

pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
July 15 2013 11:49am


Just to be a little more bad-ass, I'd probably want the snakes faces to be a little more aggressive/ferocious. Sorry if I am nitpicking but I really do love how you started this and would love to see it all come together!
pelagiamusic     Contest Holder
July 15 2013 5:55am


This is def my favorite so far. Very cool way of tangling the snakes! Obviously yes I'd like to see how you can get the birds involved. And I'd love to see it with shading/texture as your work I've seen is spectacular. (Do you actually tattoo or just design them??)
My concern about this whole piece (not your version, I just mean my whole concept) is that it will be confusing with too much going on, so I'm really excited to see how this will look with texture. Also, I saw a compass design where the bottom (South) spike extends much longer and thought is looked great.
Thank you so much for helping me bring my tattoo idea to life! Looking forward to hearing from you!
July 15 2013 12:10am

No Subject

Submitted design #108738

I have not forgotten about the birds just wanted to see if you like the outline first ;)

Warm Regards

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