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charm bracelet/time line - 2
charm bracelet/time line - 2
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December 2 2013 12:02am


Submitted design #132755

Here is a basic layout idea of where everything is sitting at the moment...all very movable since I made the whole thing in segments, so if you want a particular area to be under the skin, or have another chain coming off somewhere just let me know. I didn't put the charms on since I wasn't sure of the placement you wanted, but it's a 5 min edit once you know what you'd like.
December 1 2013 11:37pm


Submitted design #132753

Ok, here is an updated version showing the wraparound effect---I realize it's a little confusing because of the lines on it, but they are just there to show you where everything is sitting at the moment.
The way I have done this piece will allow it to be very easily adjusted, I have many files working from just outlines with different shapes, so any edits would be very simple, especially since I am not sure the layout you want it to have on your body. I am going to upload a sample image as well tonight, showing where I intend this piece to sit---of course that can be changed, it is just hard to accurately detail it & shadow it without knowing where everything is going to sit. Let me know if there is anything else you want to see, I will be up late tonight =]
tylerpedersen     Contest Holder
December 1 2013 5:45am


the lock im not sure about, i leave that up to you,... what ever you think works best.
as for the chains, it would be best if there was more then one wrapping aroud the leg, because like you said it would be able to have more charms on it... you dont need to make any additional ones for later, as i want to get all the work done in one sitting...
November 30 2013 3:11pm


Ok, glad you like the layout so far...having the whole piece shaded/colored in gold should be fine if you plan to add to it later, golds are easily covered by just about any color. Do you want just the single chain to wrap around or do you like the idea of a few? I figured having more than one would make it easier down the road for adding to and I can make you more at any time---I've been drawing on this site since it began and no intentions of leaving, and we are still able to access the design page after the contest so extra bits are no trouble.
Even though you want the piece to wrap around, the actual stencil will look somewhat straighter, your tattooist will want to wrap it a certain way and most likely cut it all up to apply it anyway, any wraparound designs we've done where I work go on like that.
Once you are able to print it out and see where it will all sit, it's easier to desice what parts to put under your skin etc...I expect there to be some editing there, so no worries.
What all would you like to see in a final draft so I can get a more finished copy up for you? I planned to detail the lock more, didn't know if you prefer an old style or something more modern? Do you want any additional chains made up? They don't have to be attached, but you could use them in the future to add on as well.
tylerpedersen     Contest Holder
November 30 2013 11:13am


also i would like it to look as realistic as possible
tylerpedersen     Contest Holder
November 30 2013 11:04am

almost there

we are getting really close here

i would like the chain to wrap around the leg, and if it went through the skin a couple times too would be nice.

i want the whole design if possible, i want to get it all done at the same tattoo shop so it is the same, and then just get the little plates between the links filled out at later times.

if the plates are that gold color and blank when i get it tattooed on my body, would they be hard to get filled in later?
November 28 2013 1:15am


Submitted design #132275

November 28 2013 1:15am

2 designs

Submitted design #132274

vertical layouts, with the lock idea...more if it cold be done through the skin if you wanted, choice is yours. I also added some pieces you could use as extra bits, and certainly adding new chains at different points in your life would be easy to do to.
Let me know what you think and if there is something you want me to try or change just let me know.
November 27 2013 5:39pm


I still need to do some detailing on it and color, my little guy has been sick this week so I haven't had much time to sit and draw; I hope to have it ready for you sometime tomorrow =]
tylerpedersen     Contest Holder
November 26 2013 3:56am


I am waiting on your design. do you think you will have it ready anytime soon?
tylerpedersen     Contest Holder
November 19 2013 4:18am


i like the idea of a lock. the more you can add to it the better.
im not sure wether tattered or cleaner. what ever you think is best
a double chain would be better, becaus then it can take up more of the leg.
i like the gold chain that you sent. where the link can have the flag and then it alternates with the charms.
im athletic, my quads are not that big, but im working on that in the gym!!
November 18 2013 7:52am


And basically I can design it to have as many links & plates as you want, so if you give me a rough idea how many plates you want for adding to later I can work as many as you like in...Do you like the dual chain & ID bracelet style tags or would you prefer a single chain?
I am going to submit something that looks like a 3 year olds doodle shortly haha---it's just a very basic layout of where the chain could go & run through the skin...NO detailing so don't get the wrong idea, end product will be hand drawn & very detailed. I should have it up for you today to look at, if you have a basic editing program feel free to draw on top of it & show me where you want it to sit. What kind of build do you have?
November 18 2013 7:46am


Yeah, it was a bit of a challenge to figure out something that wouldn't look unfinished before you actually added your more personal bits. You can also dangle some charms off it, I just found doing the charms alone looked really feminine. What do you think of having a lock of some sort near the top, and the chain would be dangling off it, a bit of a swirl to of the lock & parts of the chain could go under your you like a more tattered look for the skin, or cleaner?
tylerpedersen     Contest Holder
November 16 2013 12:42pm


I really like this idea. I like the fact that every link in the chain can be used, and the flag idea because I am planning on doing a lot of travelling. and then the charms can be the other events in my life that aren't travelling.

I like the idea that you can make the chain come through the skin,
tylerpedersen     Contest Holder
November 16 2013 12:29pm

i like it

I like the gold one. and the flags are a good idea also..
the only thing is this will only take up a little space, in total if it wrapped around my leg how many charms/links do you think that I could fit on there? I want this tattoo to take up my whole upper leg from thigh to just above the knee.. any other things you can think of adding?
November 16 2013 12:27am


Submitted design #130392

more of a silvertone with engraved bits, could be combined with dangling charms or used in place of.
November 16 2013 12:21am


Submitted design #130391

Hi there,
I wasn't sure if you were thinking of a gold or silver tone for the chain, but very easy to change. The design is seamless, so can be any size you want, and you have the option to use the bits in between the chain (like an ID bracelet) for lettering or small designs, or you can dangle charms, or both. Was thinking of perhaps an elephant for Thailand if the flag is too basic, but if you travel small flags would work well in the charms. Either way, you will have 7 days to work with your chosen artist & get the design edited & done to your specs, so no worries if there are some changes you want.
This chain idea could also be doen vertically running down the leg, but I am thinking it needs to attach somehow (through the skin, maybe?) so it's not just a floating chain. Anyway hope you find what you are looking for, it's a great concept!
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