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Anchor/Names/Compass Rose

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Anchor/Names/Compass Rose - finished
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Anchor/Names/Compass Rose - new design
Anchor/Names/Compass Rose - progress
Anchor/Names/Compass Rose - new dessign
Anchor/Names/Compass Rose - anchor/names/compass rose


July 31 2015 6:02am

7 days left

Yes there are still 7 days ,and if you need anything to change/adjust please let me know ,,I would love to do that ,thank you !
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 31 2015 4:54am

Alright sounds good

Still seven days left but I don't see anyone else getting that close to what I want. Thanks again.
July 31 2015 4:43am

stencil stuff

Hi there I've already made the stencil ,so if you re choose me as the winner I am ready to upload it ,,thank you !!
July 29 2015 6:53am

Thank you !

woow thank you! ,,glad to hear that !!,,there is still 9 days left ,but I only need 1 - 2 days to draw the stencil ,,once again thank you very much !
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 29 2015 5:58am


Looks great!!! Thanks again for all the work. This is just what i had in mind.
July 28 2015 11:33pm

Finished and Detailed

Submitted design #217431

Hi this is the finished design ,hope you like it ,,add some detail and only use photoshop to adjust the brightness ,hope you like it ,thank you
July 28 2015 9:48am

thank you

glad to know that ,yea I'll let you know if I add or adjust the design a lil bit ,thank you
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 28 2015 9:38am

Looking Good

Looking good so far. Thanks. I'll let you know if there is anything else. Let me know if you make any other changes
July 28 2015 9:24am

new design

Submitted design #217316

here we go ,the new design ,, a bit tricky between Jamaican and Haiti/dominican islands but I hope you like it ,,,I still working on it so if you want anything else please let me know ,thank you
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 28 2015 7:07am


Yeah that looks more uniform. Looking good so far
July 28 2015 6:30am


Submitted design #217275

This is the progress so far,,now I 'm about to shade the upper anchor draw the compass rose and draw the exact maps ,,, I'll post another progress/when it finished about 4 or 6 hours later ,hope you like it, thank you
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 27 2015 6:58am


Sounds good. Thanks again
July 27 2015 6:30am

Leslie's name

owh that one yeah I'll fix it , but it looks darker here on the original paper maybe because I put the desk lamp on the top left of my drawing paper so it makes the drawing a bit bright on the half top of my drawing ,,,but yes I'll consider that on the new design ,thank you
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 27 2015 6:19am

1 more thing

Maybe a little more shading on Leslie's name too. So it blends with the rest better
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 27 2015 6:17am


That's fine. Thanks
July 27 2015 6:13am

glad to hear that

Wow okay ,glad to hear that ,yes of course a bit problem I've to redraw it first ,hahaha ,but its okay we still got 11 days so I,ll come up with the new one maybe about 2 or 3 days ,is that okay ? thank you
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 27 2015 5:58am

Very close

Thanks i really like the design. If you are up to it i think i have an idea that i would really like. What if you move the compass to the left side of the anchor and fill in the islands accordingly. I would like Jamaica in the bottom left under the compass, with the Bahamas/Turks & Caicos on the top right and Haiti/Dominican Republic on the bottom right. I think this would be just what I'm looking for. I really like the concept and the rustic feel of it as well as the latitude/longitude hash marks. Let me know if this would be too much trouble for you. Thanks again for all your work
July 26 2015 10:15pm

added caribbean nautical map

Submitted design #217037

hi there ,this is the new one ,i chose Caribbean because it has lot of island and its look perfectly match with the anchor . If there is anything else that you want to change /anything ,please tell me ,hope you like it ,thank you
July 26 2015 11:14am

okay boss

Okay then ,I'll post a new design within 10 maybe about 12 hours, its already late here in Indonesia so I couldn't concetrate no more ,but I'll post it as soon as possible, thank you
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 26 2015 11:04am

1 is fine

You can pick which ever one you think will fit better. Don't have to put both
July 26 2015 11:02am


okay so north carolina and caribean ,2 diffrent maps behind the anchor ,am I right ?,,I
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 26 2015 10:50am


Yeah that sounds cool. I live in North Carolina so maybe the outer banks. We also honetmooned in the Caribbean so that would also be cool.
July 26 2015 10:45am

Thank you for the feedback

Glad to know that you like it ,I've another idea to fill the blank space ,,what about a nautical map ? not sure which place /country or region to be drawn ,, maybe your homeland/country/region ? but its just my idea ,if you need anything to change or anything else I'll love to do that ,thank you
hussb84     Contest Holder
July 26 2015 10:08am

Looks good

I really like it thanks. Let me think on it for a day or so. May want to change it slightly but it's pretty close to what I was looking for.
July 26 2015 8:30am

first entry

Submitted design #216942

hi there ,just finished the design ,took me about 4 hours drawing mostly using pencils .so if there anything/ something you want me to change /adjust ,please tell me I would love to make it as close as you wanted ,thank you ,hope you like it sir
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