Alert and watchful father tiger with young cub. | Tattoo design #362198

Alert and watchful father tiger with young cub.

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Alert and watchful father tiger with young cub. - Tattoo design


Bluestripe     Contest Holder
December 3 2018 1:31pm

Having a think

Hi there. Thank you so much for submitting your design. This is my first time using the site and it's really gratifying to see how you've interpreted my idea. Your central image is very striking and naturalistic and captures the father's watchful gaze. I also like how you've filled out the background with enough detail to set it off. I'm keeping the fifth star in reserve for all three designs at the moment, but for this one, the cub seems a little indistinct, compared with the rest of the image. However, I hesitate to ask you to modify what you've done, as I'm leaning more towards the third entry at the moment. That's really something, though; it would certainly grab the attention.
December 3 2018 5:21am


Hi again. Thanks for rating the design :-)
Let me know if you want any changes making to it and I'd be happy to do so. Cheers
November 28 2018 9:30am

Blue Tigers

Submitted design #362198

Hi I’m Andy, a tattoo designer from the UK. I'm sending my first draft for your tattoo contest. I can change it in any way you like as more often than not 1st drafts are never just right. Let me know if you like it or want to continue. I'm have many personal clients atm so would appreciate it if you were honest and don't want me to continue or have received better designs, but I'd love to carry on if you are interested in this initial design. If you want to look at more of my designs to gage the standard of work I produce then you can see hundreds of designs I've done for clients at my website. Just google Tattoojedi and mine should be the website at the top, the one under my Facebook page. Cheers. Andy
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