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About my mom

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November 13 2014 7:36pm


I can definitely do that for you.
CJ2472     Contest Holder
November 13 2014 2:12pm


Hi. You win. I love it. Is it possible to get two versions? One with the words "Mom" written in the banner, and one with it blank? I spoke with the lady who will be tattoo-ing it on me. The inking is still a couple weeks out, but the contest ends in a couple hours and those letters (which are at home-dad is looking for them) have not been found yet. I would like a blank banner so I could have the artist use that, and then incorporate her signature on the date of the tattooing. But use your black with blue outline as reference.

Does that make sense/is that possible? Thanks.
November 13 2014 12:20am

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Submitted design #183486

November 13 2014 12:14am

Wrong pic

Sorry my computer been messing up lately it's driving me crazy!
November 10 2014 2:51am


Submitted design #183078

Maybe this looks a little bit better as far as the position and angle.
November 10 2014 2:34am


Not sure if the angle is right on this. Your arm is kind of placed at a difficult angle.
November 10 2014 2:33am

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Submitted design #183077

CJ2472     Contest Holder
November 8 2014 4:41pm


the top of the trable clef points towards my hand, the bottom with the words points towards my elbow.
November 8 2014 5:20am

Want to make sure

I wanted to make sure you want the tattoo to be pointed towards your hand? It would be right side up for you but upside down for anyone else seeing it.
CJ2472     Contest Holder
November 7 2014 1:15am


Unless another designer blows me away like out of the ballpark from now till I find that letter, this is the design I want. Everything is perfect-except that font for mom. I thought about it a lot and it really just needs to be her handwriting. Still working on finding that letter...

Thank you so much.
November 6 2014 7:50pm


I meant to post the picture with it on your arm but my computer sucks. I hope you like the new design, just let me know and I'll get that other pic up as soon as I can. Thanks!
November 6 2014 7:44pm

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November 6 2014 7:27pm

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Submitted design #182751

CJ2472     Contest Holder
November 5 2014 9:58pm


I like the idea of submitting a sample of what it would look like on skin. I've attached a picture in the main section of the contest as to where it would go-as I'm biologically illiterate and have a hard time describing the location.

Great choices color wise. I feel like the the heart should be slightly less redish?

And maybe add small glimmers or orange to the gold banner?

Is there another color or shade for "MOM"? I feel like contrast wise against the gold it isn't as vibrant and big. I am still on the hunt for the letter. Maybe for the font for "Mom" we can have it in her handwriting.

I also feel like "Always with me" and her date of passing should be bolded. And maybe some emphasis on always?

I would also like the date of passing to be bigger, but still just a smidge smaller than the "Always with me" above.

I still can't get over the symbolic meaning of the graphics. Love it. Thanks.
November 5 2014 7:56pm


Okay I kind of made some tweaks to the design to make it more symmetrical. Let me know what you think of the colors and font. I can always change it. Also if you have decided where you would like to put it I can give you an example of what it would look like on skin. Thanks!
November 5 2014 7:50pm

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Submitted design #182626

November 4 2014 10:29pm


Im really glad you like it! I did want to ask you about colors. I was thinking of making the treble clef black, the mother and child figure a light blue, then the heart being red with some shading and then the ring holding it like a golden color. I'll probably just do it and if you don't like it, I can change it pretty easy.
CJ2472     Contest Holder
November 4 2014 10:27am

Thanks for the submission EnvyKat

Hi. The design is great. The hands and the heart I REALLY like.

Is it possible to add some color to it in a subtle way? I was looking for the tattoo to be mainly black and white, but I have considered adding some colors. As expressed in other comments, I have no idea what colors exactly-maybe we can play around with it?

I have also considered adding the phrase underneath "Always with me, 7 June 2013."

The overall design blew me away. Thanks for taking time to make this:]
November 4 2014 3:49am


First and foremost I want to thank you for the invite. I did this sketch for you. It contains a treble clef, a symbol representing mother and child, part of a claddaugh (the hands and the heart) representing friendship and love, the banner will contain 'Mom', I just haven't added it yet. Just let me know what you think of this and we can go from there. Thanks again!
November 4 2014 3:44am

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