2012 Tattoo Designer Bonuses!

May 29th, 2012

Tattoo Designers Bonus

As you know, Createmytattoo.com has always been at the forefront when it comes to rewarding tattoo designers for their amazing commitment to our community.  In keeping with this tradition, we recognize the top ten designers every year who have made the maximum contribution towards the success and growth of CreateMyTattoo.com and delighted the customers with their amazing custom tattoo designs.

This year we are pleased to announce the 2012 tattoo designer bonuses that will be paid on Aug 1, 2012.  The winners will be posted on our facebook page and on our blog.  Following is how the reward money shall be distributed:

1st Place:       $400.00
2nd Place:      $300.00
3rd Place:       $200.00
4th Place:       $100.00
5th Place:       $50.00
6th Place:       $50.00
7th Place:       $50.00
8th Place:       $25.00
9th Place:       $25.00
10th Place:     $25.00

Through this small exercise, we wish to reiterate our commitment to serve the tattoo community.  Whether you are a tattoo enthusiast who wants the perfect custom tattoo designed or a passionate tattoo designer, CreateMyTattoo truly appreciates your participation.   A complete list of the current top 1500 tattoo designers can be found here:  Tattoo Designers Ranking

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