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I am a freelance artist who loves doing tattoo designs, fantasy paintings, murals, portraits, illustrations, set design, and graphic design.

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Marketplace Tattoos

Butterfly 1
Rainbow Peace Sign
Yin-Yang Butterfly
American Eagle 1
Double Dragon
Eagle Head Knife
American Eagle 2
Fairy on Mushroom
Dracula Rising
Tribal Crow
Hippie Butterfly
Faith, Hope and Love

Recent Wins

For the Wife  - Cross and Rose
Positronium Atom - Positronium Atom 2
Yin Yang - Wolves - Wicked Yin-Yang Wolves 2
Inner arm elvish tattoo - Angel 3
Man w/ man on the moon - Smooth Jazz
Heaven at night - Heaven at Night 3
Custom Marine Corps Moto Tat - Our Fires Burn Eternal 4
cartoon type usa flag with three badass birds  - The Expendables 4

Recent Entries

Australian Wedge-Tail Eagle Sketch Design - Wedge-Tail Eagle
Zodiac Cross - Zodiac Cross 2
Twinless twin elephant (masculine) - Twinless Twin 2
 wyvern  - Wyvern on a Tower
Zodiac Cross - Zodiac Cross
Twinless twin elephant (masculine) - Twinless Twin
Tiger, Bull, and Buddha/Lotus - Buddha, Lotus, Tiger and Bull
Dr suess inspired, small feminine design  - Doctor Seuss