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Religious Tattoo Designs

For some people, religious tattoos are one of the best ways to show their faith and belief. Because they are emblazoned in permanent ink, they show aperson’s perpetual adoration oftheir God. There are many styles of tattoos of religious symbols, and each one can show the individual’s main philosophy. The most famous design requested in tattoo parlors is the Cross, undoubtedly the most popular symbol of Christianity. Because Jesus Christ died on the cross, ink fans who get this design do so to publicly state their devotion and dedication to the Christian faith.

Another famous tattoo of religious symbolism is the fish, which was used by the early Christians to show their faith and devotion. Since Christianity was illegal at that time, the fish or “Icthys” is a way for them to know fellow believers. The hand of God is another top pick for religious tattoos, as the “Manus Dei” was the only known symbol of God the Father. For those who get this ink, they show that it is only God the Father who can reach out to his believers. Given their elaborate meanings, religious tattoos look good on the body. If you are proud to show that you are an ardent believer, then tattoos of your religious faith will look exceptional on you.

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