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Many people like having horror tattoos for their scary designs and intimidating features. Whether colorful or just in plain black, this tattoo, when done artistically, can elicit feelings of fearin anyone who looks at it. Perhaps one of the best tattoos of horror characters is that which features Frankenstein’s monster. This popular image with its terrifying appearance looks perfect on the arms and the back as well. You can also go for the design of Freddy Krueger, the infamous star of the movie “Nightmare on Elm Street.” If you want a classic look, then it’s advisable that you ask for a timeless “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” tattoo.

While the movie “Saw” is not as classic as the other aforementioned movie-inspired horror tattoos, the image of the robotic clown can surely send chills down your spine. After all, the Saw franchise has become one of the most popular scary movies series in the last decade. Another example of famous horror tattoos of today feature the scary beings from the game-inspired movie, “Silent Hill.” With its second installment soon to hit the silver screen, now is the time to get the frightening inks of Silent Hill characters. While this genre can be easy to get, it can also be hard to pull off. If you want your horror tattoos to be successful, make sure to hire an experienced tattoo artist.

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