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Flower tattoos are beautiful and timeless classics. Their exquisiteness and symbolisms are just some of the reasons why they are some of the most popular tattoos for women. Perhaps one of the most popular tattoos of flowers is the rose. A thorny design shows that beauty and pain work hand in hand. A yellow rose shows admiration, while a red rose shows love and ardor. Another popular style is that of lotus tattoos, which were venerated by the ancient Egyptians, and still, are by Buddhists. This flower will demonstrate significant change in someone’s life. The lotus flower tattoos remind the owner that she must always keep her head held high no matter what happens in her life.

Lily tattoos, on the other hand, represent purity and chastity. It also represents motherhood, as Greek mythology suggests that lilies were created after Juno breastfed Hercules. Apart from proud mothers, women with the zodiac signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini should also get tattoos of this flower. Daisies are considered great floral tattoos as well. They symbolize joy and peace; that’s why it’s perfect for women who are youthful and free-spirited. As for cherry blossom, it represents love and life, according to Chinese and Japanese cultures and traditions. With flower tattoos, you will never run out of a selection to choose from.

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