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Dice Tattoos are as classic as the game pieces they correspond to. For thousands of years, dice and dice-based pastimes have been enjoyed by people all around the globe. Now made of plastic, dice in the olden days were made from ivory, metal, stone, bone and wood. Before they became centerpieces of casino games such as Roulette, they were adored by millions of Asian and European players. Because tattoos of dice are very simple, they are good choices for men and women who are looking for casual inks. For those who believe in luck, they can ask the artist to draw a design of two dice that equal to seven or eleven. After all, in many cultures, it is believed that these numbers are very lucky, especially for gamblers and gamers.

If you like taking risks, then tattoos of dice are appropriate for you. This symbolism is derived from the adage “roll the dice,” which means take a chance. Dice tattoos can also go well with other designs, apart from their numerous symbolisms.For this reason they are preferred by many tattoo aficionados who enjoy variety. Dice tattoos for men can be drawn next to skulls, swords and serpents, while female styles can be embellished with hearts, flowers, and butterflies. Although itusually comes in two colors – black and red – you can add a more varied palette to your dice.

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