Current Custom Tattoo Design Contests

Time Left
Beach scene
I want it to be relaxing and inviting. somewhere you would want to go for a permanent vacation.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$47.0005 days, 23 hrs
Tribal butterfly tattoo with symbols weaved throughout
I would like the overall design to be simple and feminine (but not too feminine).
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$30.0016 days, 4 hrs
dark Christian themed tattoo
Dark theme tattoo incorporating a cross and quote
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.0006 days, 6 hrs
Polynesian Tribal Pineapple
The outline is in the shape of a pineapple, while the inside of the pineapple will have polynesian tribal.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.0076 days, 6 hrs
Travel Themed Half-Sleeve
Looking for a unique travel themed tattoo, in which the designer is encouraged to use their own creativity and flare!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$30.0006 days, 6 hrs
Whale bicep tattoo addition
Whale tattoo on bicep needs artistic geometric addition
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$70.0026 days, 8 hrs
Horthy family crest first version
Bright colourful and kid friendly
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$200.0006 days, 17 hrs
Phrase in Latin across the chest
NIHIL PRÆVENIT FAMILIAM MEAM across the chest, possible to read only in a reflection from the mirror
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$60.00146 days, 17 hrs
Tattoo Makeover
My Tattoo Makeover must be of the same style as the examples sent but totally different in the content.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$165.0016 days, 19 hrs
Remembrance for dad
Wild rose and compass for dad
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$30.0046 days, 22 hrs
Family Pets
looking for a custom intertwined dog name tattoo fitting for a U.S. Marine
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.0097 days, 1 hr
Steampunk (Clockwork) Dragon
Steampunk (Clockwork) Dragon Leg tattoo for a male, wanted to honor my late Grandmother who loved dragons.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.00107 days, 4 hrs
Lion/Elephant Wrist Tattoo
Symbolic wrist tattoo of a lion and elephant.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$75.00207 days, 8 hrs
Lotus touch up
Breathe new life into my old lotus. My tattoo needs a makeover so it will reflect the meaning it symbolizes
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.00197 days, 18 hrs
Family Tattoo of Kids Initials
Simple Design Combining Kids Initials into a Text Design on the Chest
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.0047 days, 19 hrs
Optical Illusion White Tattoo
I want to make people do a double take (or triple take).
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$40.0067 days, 21 hrs
Husband & Wife Infinity ambigram.
Ambigram design of the initials M and J combined with an Infinity symbol.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.0048 days, 0 hrs
Woman with Bull
A woman with a bull, suggesting strength and partnership.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$60.0058 days, 5 hrs
Memory Dad
Memory of dad
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$55.0018 days, 7 hrs
Libran tree of life
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$75.0008 days, 7 hrs
Bare Knuckle Gentleman
a southpaw bare knuckle fighter (left hand back, right arm extended) that looks more like a gentleman in the face than tough
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$115.0018 days, 8 hrs
Buddhist symbol of enlightenment
Looking to make a unique tattoo and challenge you to make something ordinary stand out in a class of its own!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.0078 days, 9 hrs
Transition from Wings to a map
Existing black/grey wing tattoo on the upper outside arm needs a transition for the inside into a map with a compass
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.0038 days, 16 hrs
Pine tree or tree's with the 3 stars and a sun.
Looking to represent my filipino roots. First tattoo
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.0058 days, 23 hrs
Maori Style 1/4 Sleeve
Maori inspired tattoo. Elements of accomplishment, determination, calm, warrior, protection, descent, and flying.
This is a Prepaid private contest.$120.0019 days, 3 hrs
Horse Arm Tattoo
No Color Horse Tattoo on upper Left Arm
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$61.00159 days, 8 hrs
Floral/mother and child forearm piece (addition to half sleeve)
Half sleeve addition! Mother holding her child surrounded by lotus flowers/cherry blossoms beautifully blowing in the wind!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$52.0009 days, 18 hrs
Viking rune tatto.
The Inguz and Tyr rune stands for good luck in buisness and in health.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$250.0009 days, 21 hrs
Minimalistic animal tattoo
Minimalistic animal tattoo of a Snake and a Ram.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.00179 days, 23 hrs
Star Wars Mandala
Star Wars Mandala. Rebel Alliance centre, surrounded by R2-D2, BB8, yoda etc.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.00610 days, 2 hrs