Zodiac sign combo

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Zodiac sign combo - Graphite/ Charcoal
Winning Entry
Zodiac sign combo - Taurus
Zodiac sign combo - 1
Zodiac sign combo - Zodiac
Zodiac sign combo - second idea
Zodiac sign combo - I have one more also
Zodiac sign combo - k
Zodiac sign combo - Scorpio in the Leo symbol formation with Taurus bull in the shape of taurus symbol in tail.
Zodiac sign combo - zodiac signs fixed
Zodiac sign combo - zodiac signs

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

jordanzimmerma    Contest Holder
April 6 2013 12:33pm
No, I really like it. I am just thinking about the shading. I like the second one better because not so black, but would consider an inbetween. So for now I am good, just waiting to see what else comes in but I love yours so far!
zodiac signs
April 6 2013 8:47am
is their anything else needs to be down on my drawing for you?
jordanzimmerma    Contest Holder
April 1 2013 10:31pm
Also if anyone has questions please ask me. I realize the first description was vague.
jordanzimmerma    Contest Holder
No Subject
April 1 2013 10:25pm
Prize Increased (April 1 2013 10:25pm)
March 31 2013 9:43pm
im not seeing any uploaded referance pics ill try again later
jordanzimmerma    Contest Holder
No Subject
March 31 2013 12:57pm
Appended Description (March 31 2013 12:57pm)
jordanzimmerma    Contest Holder
March 30 2013 11:12am
I do like the tribal look but had a little more detail in mind. All blacks and Greys. So some shading yes to give it more detail
tribal or?
March 30 2013 12:56am
your reference pics are tribal /straight blackwork. Do you want any color or shading/black and grey,etc?
jordanzimmerma    Contest Holder
No Subject
March 29 2013 11:05pm
Appended Description (March 29 2013 11:05pm)
jordanzimmerma    Contest Holder
Answer to question
March 29 2013 9:19pm
Well I do want to limit the creature image to one and entwine the other two symbols into it somehow. However if there was an idea of all three symbols without the creature if be open to it. Just can't picture how it would look. Does this answer your question? Sorry.
March 29 2013 6:15pm
Are you looking more for an entwining of the symbols as compared to picking either taurus or scorpio as the only actual creature image?
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