Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! Custom Tattoo

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Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - 12th try
Winning Entry
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Hotwife 3-2
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Second Version
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - slightly different, change direction
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - hotwife sketch 4
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - hotwife sketch3
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - sketch
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Hotwife Sketch
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Hotwife 6
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Hotwife 5
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Hotwife 4
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - contrast enhanced
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - low contrast
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Hotwife 3
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - shaded
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Very Hotwife 3
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - 11th try
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Detail
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Close up Detail
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - 2nd try
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Hotwife
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Very Hotwife 2
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Hotwife
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - Hotwife 1
Unfaith Hotwife and Hubby Loves it! - First try
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Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

chrisalmas    Contest Holder
No Subject
May 28 2012 3:32pm
Contest Extended to May 30 2012 3:32pm
May 22 2012 8:58pm
Which arm is this for? Does it matter?
Thanks for the incentive...
May 19 2012 8:46pm
That's MY motivation and you just jumped to the top of my short list.
Pleased to be invited
May 16 2012 7:42pm
This will be one hell of a ride.

Custom Tattoo Design
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
No Subject
May 16 2012 6:49pm
Prize Increased (May 16 2012 6:48pm)
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
3/4 with a hint of front i guess
May 15 2012 4:59pm
the sexiest pose possible... and ya between front and 3/4 i think... and the lettering should be on the bottom ideally, so that it can be seen under a t-shirt... and the name adriana can be above. or somewhere else... but be creative.. if you have an idea go with it...
May 15 2012 1:15pm
Did you want a front view, 3/4 view or a side view? I think 3/4 would probably work best but I figured I'd ask. Also, do you prefer the lettering above or below?
Feedback Please :-)
May 15 2012 12:38pm
I left you a message in the private chat. Please answer back when you have time :-)
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
Color or grey scale
May 15 2012 9:35am
I find color looks bad on people. I could b wrong. But hi detail and shading is important. Not a cartoon. I want people to get turned on to see it... Keep in mind it has to b tattoo able. I'm not sure those limitations.
Thanks for the invite.
May 15 2012 1:33am
Were you looking for something with a heavy holding line (like bomber nose art or pin-up style comic art) or something more painterly? Since you want B&W, I was basically wondering how much shading you want.
May 14 2012 8:49pm
Thank you for the extension, I am excited to submit a new design. And thank you for the clarification.
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
contest extended
May 14 2012 3:20pm
Hi everyone, i realize this requires more time to get right, so i have extended the contest so that we can continue to work together.. i will provide ongoing feedback for any responses... but please keep in mind the following key points.. same problems over and over again..

1) woman must look like she is having an orgasm... must be that sensual in her body language
2) woman must wear a super skimpy outfit, like what a stripper would wear... bikkini top and bottoms or tear away short shorts.. super super tiny
3) bull must look strong and kicking.. not just standing there...
4) the closer she looks to my wife the better
5) breasts must be a focal point... lots of detail in very large breasts with shapes like my wife.. i provided pictures.. so please consult them
6) double meaning.. do not use male female symbols all over the place.. keep in mind.. it is a hidden meaning for those that know about cuckolding.. everyone else will see just a sexy woman on a bull and a line that reflects that it is someone's hot wife.. my explaination to others is..."i'm the bull, and she is super hot, and i'd lay down my life for her and destroy other men that get in our way" .. but to those that know meanings of cuckolding, they will know that i am the male symbol being crushed under the stronger bull, and the bull is the other man, and my wife is having an orgasm wit this bull that i could never give her... see the double meaning.. that is important...
7) words need to be readable... i don't want it to be fancy script.. readable from a distance is ideal
8) above all else, the idea is that it is sexy and would turn a guy on just to look at it.. but it isn't porn.. it is cosmo... or FHM. the sexiest submission of the girl with the strongest submission of hte bull crushing a male symbol all done with amazing quality artwork will win.. (not a cartoon). it's not betty boop.

thanks guys.. you've all been create throughotu this creative process.. i respect what you do and wish i had an ounce of that skill!
Yeah, that confused me...
May 14 2012 2:16pm
The Admin is pretty cool about extending contests. I was worried there for a minute.

By "qualify" I mean there are certain guidelines to getting an extention:
1 Prize has to equal the minimum for the size and detail as stated in the desciption.
2 CH has to answer questions, provide feedback, and rate all entries.
3 Contest is guaranteed at least 10 unique entries.

Neglected contests shouldn't get extensions, but they do anyway, that's what threw me when you said that.
Cool beans, I'll add the deadline to my workload,
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
yes they let me
May 14 2012 2:00pm
sorry, not sure what qualifying means and what not.. but i just misunderstood.. it wasn't that they wont let me .. it was that i didn't realize it can't be extended until it expires.. i extended it..
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
No Subject
May 14 2012 1:44pm
Contest Extended to May 28 2012 1:44pm
This detail is labour intensive
May 14 2012 12:30pm
Any way we can get an extension? Your Contest healtth is green and the Prize is well above the minimum and I don't see anything higher than 4 stars, so how 'bout extending it a few days, please? You definitely qualify.
Too late
May 14 2012 12:23pm
A pity. I would have really liked to try this one but I only saw it a day ago. Not nearly enough time to do it justice.

Can't wait to see the winner.
This tat means alot to you!
May 14 2012 11:59am
Don't know how you feel about a teenage girl going for this but I appreciate your highly detailed description, explanation of your lifestyle and what this tattoo means to you. I understand it is not pure sleaze and shouldn't be dismissed as such. It sounds like you and your wife are made for eachother- trust and know eachother very well if you can manage this kind of alternative lifestyle happily. I only hope I can design something that adequately suits your taste and matches the articulate description. I love the feminine empowerment side of nudity, burlesque and pinup art rather than the female body just being a tool for men to use, she has power over her sexuality and some men find this very attractive; win-win. I'll get on with a draft tonight xxx
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
No Subject
May 14 2012 10:49am
Appended Description (May 14 2012 10:49am)
Thanks for the Invitation!
May 9 2012 2:27pm
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
No Subject
May 9 2012 12:46pm
Prize Increased (May 9 2012 12:46pm)
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
No Subject
May 9 2012 12:45pm
Appended Description (May 9 2012 12:45pm)
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
May 7 2012 5:33pm
please notice, i do not mean black and white.. i mean, grey scales... many shades of grey... if there are any other clarifications needed, let me know
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
woman on bull
May 2 2012 1:36pm
the woman should have a very skimpy outfit on... but very large breasts shaped exactly like my wifes as per pic... maybe a daisey duke outfit... also very important that the rigth ankle of her is showing and that she has an anklet on... that is something that should be on the girl if there is a right ankle showing...

It is ok that the woman is very very sexy.. since this is a HOT WIFE... but to the general public that means hot wife.. to me it means, woman that sleeps with other men... the other thing is the names and phrases of the tattoo... i'd like to see how far we can go with that.. for example, "Adriana, a Hotwife to Die For"

and the pic is the woman on the bull, and she is dressed like a super slut totally the most attractive person in the world.. using her own body type as per the pic... 32dd's... or even a little bigger.. then the bull can be crushing a smal male symbol under his foot... somehow the male symbol can be linked to the girl on the bull.. but not sure how..

the viewer would see... a sexy woman on a bull, she is loving the ride and she is in extacy.. also, the bull is destroying a male symbol... and the woman loves that he is doing that...

the sentace might read, "Adriana, a hotwife worth dying for"

the concept here would be obvious for a person in the know of this lfestyle.. but for the lay person, they may see that the bull is the husband and he is crushing other men.. or that the husband is being crushed by the bull but that he was willing to take on that fight for her.. a fight he can't possibly ever win.. but he tried anyways.. for htat reason.. the reference to the man being dominated can be quite obvious.. i can explain it away for those i need to .. but to others.. it is more obvious which is what i want..

It can't be a nude woman, as that looks to me trashy and i'm a professional and so it would look wrong on me... For me, however, i am well known as a sexual person and people know that i love my wife looking hot as hell... so they will not be thrown off by a pic of a sexy woman that looks just like my wife. I can also explain that the bull is a tempermental beast... and that my wife and i have to control that temper and if we don,t it could destroy us and me... there are lots of ways to argue it.. so even if the male symbol doesn't work, an actual man could be under the bull.. but i think a male symbol is better...

i am excited to see some concepts .. as you can see i am willing to provide feedback...

the goal.. is that a man that is used to the lifestyle of being with other mens wives, in a group senario will see the tattoo and know what it means.. but at the saem time, people that are not into that, will look at it and at best think it's cool but not think it's porno... no matter waht it will show that i like sexy women to the lay person.. but to the person in the know it will mean, more..

I think to really make it a home run, the term hotwife, and the image or word bull would really make it take off... also my wife looks like a stripper... so the more that the girl looks like a stripper the better.. maybe high heels on the bull...

again, just concepts i don't know what i like until i see it
May 2 2012 12:55pm
I like the idea of the woman on the bull, riding the bull, however you said that you didn't want it to look like porn, so then is the woman supposed to have a top on or no?
chrisalmas    Contest Holder
May 1 2012 12:19pm
I am not looking at colour for this tat... i'm thinking black and white... i don't know what you mean by tan and brown and white spots.. i would prefer colour not be the issue... the bull should be strong, if you use a bull... again, the idea is to represent that my hotwife, adriana is available despite being married.. this means, if you want to use the bull idea, a graphic of a bull, some reference to a hotwife. I'm sorry, i don't know what else to say, i have to start seeing hte idea to know more.. it should not be something that only i understand.. and i prefer grey scale only...
May 1 2012 12:00pm
Can the bull be tan with brown and whit spots?
Comments Closed