Tribal Dragon Cross

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Tribal Dragon Cross - B&W
Winning Entry
Tribal Dragon Cross - revised
Tribal Dragon Cross - revised
Tribal Dragon Cross - dragon
Tribal Dragon Cross - larger cross
Tribal Dragon Cross - revised
Tribal Dragon Cross - revision
Tribal Dragon Cross - revisions
Tribal Dragon Cross - Dragon with script
Tribal Dragon Cross - Tribal Dragon Cross
Tribal Dragon Cross - tribal dragon
Tribal Dragon Cross - Black tribal dragon change
Tribal Dragon Cross - Initial Design
Tribal Dragon Cross - 3
Tribal Dragon Cross - 2
Tribal Dragon Cross - 1
Tribal Dragon Cross - Hand sketched tribal dragon
Tribal Dragon Cross - argon88
Tribal Dragon Cross - agon1
Tribal Dragon Cross - First draft
Tribal Dragon Cross - Blue

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

Rensnyc    Contest Holder
Thank you all for participating.
June 12 2013 5:55pm
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
Side angle for dragon facing right
June 11 2013 10:19pm
side or front
June 11 2013 12:52am
What kind of angle of the dragon
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
June 1 2013 8:04pm
Hi designers. Please keep them coming. Also, think clean lines and symmetry. Thanks,
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
May 31 2013 10:45pm
Badlucktruck - good stuff, the dragon should be more defined and need to in Incorporate the rest of the design aspects such as the cross and the Sanskrit.
Thank you
May 31 2013 6:00pm
Appreciate the feedback and the time extension.
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
No Subject
May 31 2013 5:54pm
Contest Extended to June 12 2013 5:54pm
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
May 31 2013 5:49pm
Chanel7- very cool looking, but a little too cartoony. Need an evil dragon and the numbers to be blended into the design
Purlefox- very nice. Lets removed the blue and try to define the dragon a bit more. Make the cross a little bigger and try to incorporate the Sanskrit a little cleaner, like wrapped around the cross in a horseshoe shape. Just an idea- up to u though.
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
To Senoy
May 31 2013 12:23pm
Please incorporate the cross and Sanskrit , thanks
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
Design change
May 31 2013 12:21pm
We can have the dragon head upwards if and tail downwards
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
Extend contest
May 30 2013 10:53pm
I will most likely extend the contest.
May 30 2013 10:42pm
Thank you for the invitation. I would love to participate but time is short and I will be tied up tomorrow. Are you thinking of extending? I could use another day or two. Pam
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
Feedback to submissions
May 30 2013 10:12pm
Senoy- nice design but not abstract enough. The dragon head should be downwards, pls incorporate the rest of the design elements (cross, Sanskrit) thanks.
Aobrien- I am assuming this is an incomplete draft.
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
Design input
May 29 2013 10:27pm
Please remember the majority of the design should black with blue accents. Also, the design should be gothic and abstract with a "sharp line" dragon. Thanks all
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
May 29 2013 10:22pm
Dynastic - maybe we can incorporate into the design of the dragon, like build in to the design of the wings. Just throwing it out there... We can also incorporate it into the cross...
May 29 2013 12:21am
Any ideas how you would like the sanskit to be incorporated. I was thinking a banner, or have it be the fire that the dragon is breathing. However that wouldn't look like the example you provided.
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
Ready to help
May 27 2013 3:55pm
Hi Designers, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.... Remember, only 4 days remain.
Thanks ... And I can't wait...
Accento romano
May 26 2013 6:08pm
I m looking for this project!
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
Black sheep
May 22 2013 9:15pm
Thanks Blacksheep, can't wait!
working on
May 21 2013 9:49pm
I think this will be challenging but it will be awesome. I will begin tonight.
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
No Subject
May 19 2013 6:53pm
Appended Description (May 19 2013 6:53pm)
Rensnyc    Contest Holder
Colors of Artwork
May 19 2013 4:43pm
Black mainly with bright blue accents. Like blue dragon eyes..
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