Tattoo of two names :)

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July 26 2011 1:56pm
im so glad you like it :) i centered the names so you could see which way you prefer it. let me know if you would like to see any other changes. ~
No Subject
July 26 2011 1:51pm
Submitted design #19147
doctorjess    Contest Holder
No wait!
July 26 2011 2:50am
Actually! Please ignore that change! Please keep this one just the way it is!

Only one change - can it please be coloured in so I can see how it looks in solid colour?

doctorjess    Contest Holder
LOVE this
July 26 2011 2:47am
Hi there! So wow you've come out of nowhere and straight to the front of the pack!

I really love this. Only ONE small change request: can "Lisa Mary" please be centered beneath "Stephen John"?

If that could be done I reckon this would be perfect.
No Subject
July 26 2011 12:20am
Submitted design #19128
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