Suicide teddybear custom tattoo

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Suicide teddybear - suicide teddy bear
Winning Entry
Suicide teddybear - bear
Suicide teddybear - Suicidal Teddy
Suicide teddybear - Teddybear strapped with dynamite
Suicide teddybear - suicide teddy bear
Suicide teddybear - Suicide Bear
Suicide teddybear - Dyna Bear 1
Suicide teddybear - a outline
Suicide teddybear - test tattoo
Suicide teddybear - Suicide Bear

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

June 17 2011 12:29am
there is zero response on this contest as to what you like and don't like. Thats one reason why you have little entries. Gotta ask for specific changes.
June 7 2011 5:54pm
yo seriously gotta start commenting and rating.let people know what you want!
June 7 2011 1:01pm
This is an easy one; I can come up with something for you!
June 6 2011 6:35pm
could you let me know what colour you want the paw pads inner ear and around the mouth,i suggest one colour but its up to you!
June 6 2011 5:12pm
i have been selling designs for years now jus not on this site.this image you want is my sorta thing : )
June 6 2011 5:10pm
dont worry fella i have one coming,i agree you get what you pay for but i have summit special for you jus what you want have patience : )
June 6 2011 4:21pm
Maybe if you put up more money than the contest minimum you would actually get decent results. You get what you pay for... you should probably just get the tattoo in someones basement from craigslist too. Go figure.
ahahha give it time!
June 6 2011 3:59pm
your bound to get better entries for sure lol- jus remember anyone can join this site to design..from graphic designers,12 year olds,to actual tattoo artist! lol
taity9982    Contest Holder
June 6 2011 9:19am
thats crap i want my $ back
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