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Sisters - rough rough faeries sketch
Sisters - Angel Sisters
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Sisters - colby1381
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Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

KatieJo32    Contest Holder
August 19 2009 4:36pm
I am really diggin #555 the girls do too. I am going to have a heck of a time picking a winner but that design is definately in the running.

Thanks for taking the time to subit such a cool design.

#555 & #566
August 18 2009 7:29pm
Howdy my friend,

I was wondering what you thought of these two other design's that I submitted. Hope you like them and thank you for your time.... Have a groovy, far-out day....

August 18 2009 12:39am
i have done a design, have not put up yet only found this sight like an hr ago, thought wld draw sumfin up, but where you won't it i dont think it will fit would you still like me to put it up and you can have a look an tell me what you think? i cna always change stuff on it for you to just let me now :) thanks
August 15 2009 10:24pm
This is another design I did but haven't added color to it yet. If you like this one too and would like to consider it along with the rest of the design's that have been submitted, I'll be more than happy to add color to it. Hope you like it and thank you for your time.

August 15 2009 4:04pm
I am in the process of adding colour. I apologize for the glare on the scan.
Thanks a bunch!
KatieJo32    Contest Holder
August 13 2009 4:54pm
I think your design is way cool. It really caught what free spirits my girls are. I'll ask my girls what they think but I think your design is awesome the way it is.

KatieJo32    Contest Holder
August 13 2009 4:52pm
This site rocks! I can't wait to see what you come up with.
August 12 2009 3:29pm
What do you like about my entry? what do you not like? I'd like to know so I can give you a design that you really love :)
Im so excited!
August 12 2009 4:46am
I just found this website last night and ive stayed up till now 3:45 in the morning sketching your girls lol!! Im going to get it colored 2mor so you can see!!
KatieJo32    Contest Holder
August 11 2009 5:37pm
Looks cool so far. I'm pretty open as far as designs go just as long as the colors used for Kaylee are reds and greens and the ones used for Bianca are blues and purples.

KatieJo32    Contest Holder
Girls Ages
August 11 2009 5:35pm
The girls are 8 and 11.
August 8 2009 2:27am
Are the girls twins? If not, how far apart are they in age ?
August 7 2009 2:10am
feedback please! :0
KatieJo32    Contest Holder
August 5 2009 11:20am
I am sorry I had it backwards. Kaylee should be in reds and greens and Bianca in blues and purples.
August 5 2009 10:58am
What colors do you want for your girls. Your description says that you want Kaylee represented in blues and purples and Bianca in reds and greens but your latest discussion post says the opposite. Could you please clarify?

KatieJo32    Contest Holder
August 4 2009 11:13pm
Playful and silly would be way cool. Just go for it with hairstyles and for colors blues and purples for Bianca and reds and greens for Kaylee.
August 4 2009 11:02pm
I was just wondering, would you like the fairies to look more angelic and peaceful or more playful and silly? also, would you like specific hair colors/styles? and would you like me to include a background? Thank you so much for your input. I hope you like what i come up with. =)
August 4 2009 1:06pm
Sounds good to me...Thank You
KatieJo32    Contest Holder
August 4 2009 10:49am
Hi...I think your design is awesome. You've captured my girls nicely. I'll ask my girls later if they's like to see any changes but for right now I personally think it's great.
August 3 2009 11:21pm
Hello, was just wondering if you would like to see any changes in my design...will be more than happy to do any revisions so that it's just right.

Thanks, Colby
KatieJo32    Contest Holder
August 2 2009 5:04pm
On #343 could I see it with the names switched around? Thank you so much!
KatieJo32    Contest Holder
July 31 2009 2:06pm

Could I see your design with the names switched around? Thank you so much!
KatieJo32    Contest Holder
Hair Color
July 31 2009 2:04pm
Kaylee has light blonde hair and Bianca has dark brown hair. Hair color does not matter though.
Hair color?
July 31 2009 11:13am
did you have a specific hair color in mind? what is their actual hair color?
Hair color
July 31 2009 1:40am
I was wondering what color of hair they have
KatieJo32    Contest Holder
My girls
July 30 2009 8:53pm
They both have long hair. One a little taller would be cool but either way is fine. Either cartoon or realistic is cool with me.
Your Girls
July 30 2009 7:23pm
I was wondering if they have straight or curly hair? Long or short?

Also, if you want them the same size or the older one noticeably taller.

And lastly, cartoon or realistic?
KatieJo32    Contest Holder
July 30 2009 3:22pm
Hi, well Kaylee is 8 and Bianca is 11 so something youthful, otherwise the artist can take complete creative license. I am excited to see what designs are created. The design should be 3 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

July 30 2009 2:43pm
I was wondering if you are going to submit photos for reference, or if you want the artist to take creative license. For instance, should we consider a specific age, hair color/style, etc? Also, what is the approximate size you are looking for?

Thanks for your input. I look forward to working with you!

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