Sentimental numbers

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Sentimental numbers - my entry number2
Sentimental numbers - myotismon entry

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No Subject
September 25 2013 2:00pm
Submitted design #121887

9114 horse
September 24 2013 11:13am
yes i can do it, a 1 for the ears and a 1 in the mane

just need a couple of days to do that
Frickster_Z    Contest Holder
9114 Horse
September 24 2013 12:18am
Hey There,

Thanks for the submission. Really like the creativity of your design. There are a few things that i would like to change? if you don't mind?

If you could incorporate the 11 in the mane or somewhere other than the ears?

Thanks again! :)
9114 horse
September 23 2013 10:42pm
Submitted design #121663

9 the neck and the eyes
11 the ears
4 the head
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