roman legion tattoo

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Designs by: aquili-filius
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Entry: #18919
Roman Legion SPQR - Closeup of Eagle
roman legion - Roman Legion SPQR - Closeup of Inscription
roman legion - Roman Legion SPQR - Closeup of Eagle
roman legion - Roman Legion SPQR - Shaded
Winning Entry
roman legion - Roman Legion SPQR - Revised Stencil 2
roman legion - Revised Stencil - Closeup of Inscription
roman legion - Revised Stencil - Closup of Eagle
roman legion - Revised Stencil
roman legion - Closeup - Eagle
roman legion - Close up - Inscription base
roman legion - Roman Legion (SPQR) - Draft stencil

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July 23 2011 2:28pm
Wow that was a quick response....thankyou! :) Really thrilled you like it. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this with you. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.
dpiedi    Contest Holder
July 23 2011 2:22pm
I love it you honestly did an awesome job :)
July 23 2011 2:17pm
Submitted design #18920

July 23 2011 2:16pm
Submitted design #18919

July 23 2011 2:14pm
Submitted design #18918

Hi again. First of all my sincere apologies for getting this to you so close to the end of the contest. Getting the shading just right proved more time-consuming than I had originally thought!

Here is the fully shaded version though! :) I really hope you like it as much as you liked the stencil. I will be following this with a couple of closeup shots so you can view the shading in more detail.

I am free until the end of the contest so if there is still anything that can be changed/added please let me know.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the final design if you have time.

All best
July 17 2011 3:32pm
Thats great! :) So pleased you like it. Will have the fully shaded version for you asap.
dpiedi    Contest Holder
July 17 2011 10:22am
It's perfect! Can't wait to see the finished piece with the shading! Great job :) I honestly love it :)
July 17 2011 10:14am
Submitted design #18557

Hi again. Thanks for getting back so quickly re the amendments :) And I apologise for getting the quote wrong! How embarassing! I have no idea where the 'fidem' actually came from lol.

Here are the revisions for you. I've removed the stone extension and boldened the text. I hope its bold enough.

Let me know if you're happy with these latest revisions and assuming you are I can get started on the shading! :)

All best
dpiedi    Contest Holder
July 16 2011 12:37pm
the rays are perfect! but u spelled the quote wrong lol its Finem, not fiDem and also i would like that quote to not be in stone i just want it a bit under the rest. The font is perfect just i want the letters to be thicker. You are almost there lol :)
July 16 2011 11:52am
Submitted design #18521

July 16 2011 11:50am
Submitted design #18520

July 16 2011 11:49am
Submitted design #18519

Hi there. This is just one of the options followed through for you. I've extended the base of the stone inscription to incorporate the Latin quote. Just incase there's any confusion (...though I'm sure being a fan of Rome you know this already! So I hope I'm not patronising you in any way!) I've substitued our 'U' for the Latinate 'V' as this was normal on Roman monuments. Just thought it would give a more archaic/traditional feel. I've also added rays of light emergerging from behind the eagle itself.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these revisions. Some closeups to follow again :)

Hope to hear from you soon
Re Feedback
July 16 2011 8:21am
Hi there again. Wow back! Lol. Thanks so much for your kind feebdack....really thrilled you like the work so far :) Obviously it was very kind of you to extend the prize also. Re the additions you want, first of all I must apologise as I completely forgot about the Latin quote before! I must have got carried away with the actual design. Adding the quote and the background won't be a problem at all though. I have a good font in mind :)

As for the text itself, I have thought of a couple of options......Do you want the stone base extending and the latin fitted into that, like the SPQR (but obviously larger and bolder), or would you maybe like it incorporated on a banner instead? I think extending the base would look more typically Roman, but the choice is yours!

Hope to hear soon
All best and thanks again
dpiedi    Contest Holder
July 15 2011 9:16pm
as for adding anything else i think that it is perfect the way it is. All thats missing is like i said the quote and a background. The SPQR writing is perfect. the only thing is that i dont want the "Usque Ad Finem" in the same writing. Try and find a font similar to that one but i want it a lot bolder lettering. But overall u did a great job and since im confident u will end up giving me a great final result im going to raise the prize to 250$, keep up the good work!
dpiedi    Contest Holder
July 15 2011 8:57pm
wow! lol first of all u did a great job its honestly perfect can't wait to see it complete with the shading. Now all you need to do is underneath all this to add in the quote "Usque Ad Finem" in a nice bold writing and then to incorporate it with a background maybe some rays of sun behind all of it or you create your own background whatever you think would go nice and make it all one nice piece.
July 15 2011 7:21pm
Submitted design #18488

Just thought I'd submit a couple of closeup's of the details as well. Also I forgot to mention before, I've done the text in Roman capitals, as it would have appeared on Roman monuments.

Feel free to comment on this as well if there's any problems.

Hope to hear from you soon
July 15 2011 7:18pm
Submitted design #18487

July 15 2011 7:14pm
Submitted design #18486

Hi there. Apologies for taking some time with this! I just wanted to submit my draft stencil for you to review. Bear in mind this is simply the stencil. The final version will be fully shaded.

Please let me know if there is anything that can be changed or added, or just generally improved. I was thinking about maybe adding a gladius or other overtly Roman symbols, however at this stage I'm concerned it will push the design beyond your original size requirements. So....basically I thought it best to get your feedback on the work so far before I proceed.

Once I receive any feedback you have I'll press on!

All best
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