Realistic religious patriotic military scene tattoo

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Designs by: adl1984
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War scene
Realistic religious patriotic military scene - War scene

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smw87110    Contest Holder
January 7 2012 9:15am
Cool image you submitted! I really like it but it's missing the missing man formation and I really want that to be in there since I was in the Air Force. I wish I could extend the contest for a couple days since all the submissions came in at the end.

I really like how you made the cross tower larger than life above everything else. I also like a lot of what you did to make the background desolate and war torn. The buildings look a little too cartoony for me, and not sure if it's just me but the boots look a little bulbous on the end .

Not sure if you have time to rework it at all but either way thank you for submitting and I will see what happens at the end.
cross and war scene tattoo
January 7 2012 4:58am
Submitted design #29921

Hope you like it.
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