Punk and Peace Tattoo

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Punk and Peace - Punk & Peace Monochrome Version #1
Winning Entry
Punk and Peace - color
Punk and Peace - outline
Punk and Peace - spider/web, bird, change of color
Punk and Peace - punk and peace
Punk and Peace - Punk & Peace B&W Version #1
Punk and Peace - Punk Peace /full color
Punk and Peace - Punk Peace /full color
Punk and Peace - Punk Peace/full color /full design
Punk and Peace - Punk and Peace
Punk and Peace - punk and peace
Punk and Peace - back
Punk and Peace - Punk Peace/ line work
Punk and Peace - Sketch 2
Punk and Peace - punk and peace
Punk and Peace - First Sketch
Punk and Peace - Punk & Peace
Punk and Peace - serface
Punk and Peace - drum final
Punk and Peace - drum surface
Punk and Peace - draft
Punk and Peace - Punk and Peace
Punk and Peace - symboism
Punk and Peace - right direction?

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

October 29 2011 2:46pm
thanks a lot:)
October 29 2011 4:42am
Hope noone minds, just gotta say your design (personal opinion) AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to see more work from you on this site. Good work.
October 27 2011 2:59pm
I have left a comment for you under my image, the image is not an entry, but I need your opinion/reply.
Ace of Bass
October 20 2011 9:53pm
I like that! I roll to he beat of a different drum, myself, this should be really good! I already did a Sid Vicious Tat and I can't wait to get started on this. I finished my "biggie" and now I'm working on yours. I'm going for a M*A*S*H* type thang, Hope you like it. Peace, out.

See ya soon,
Thank you for the invite...
October 18 2011 10:26am
I am really into this idea, I am a Punker from way back - CBGB's Ruled!!
I am going to start working on this today, may take a bit.....
the contents
October 18 2011 2:05am
hey thanks for replying and yeh I wound never get a tattoo of person's face either, but like I said that was the first thing came to my mind. I'm not really a fan of Punk rock or Hippie music, so my understanding of em is very limited, all I can think about is Mohawk hair, leather clothing, stud belt for the Punks & long hair, hair band, mustache, colorful clothing for Hippies......

Do u have any suggestion that what u like to put in the drum besides the two signs and gestures?? what things that can repersent Punk & whatelse can represent Hippies?? or here's another option ( but I feel kinda lame ), we can put all your favorite punk & Hippie band's names/logos/autographs in the drum. tell me what u think and I'll see what I can do.

About the background, to be honest with you, since you want it one your back and prolly a fullback piece, you dont have too much space left for backgrounding, and it's already content so much information, I would leave it be if I were u. IMO a background just to fill up the gaps on your skin could overwhelms the main content of the design. (Yin Yang represents the Balance of the Universe), a common fire background or any elemental background will break the Balance. so what I suggest u is to have a normal shade that fades around the Bassdrum, but hey, it's your skin and it's your call bro! no matter what u want it to be, just let me know.
beardjamin    Contest Holder
October 14 2011 8:52pm
Haha So how do you feel about rainbows :p

Umm well I am a 19 year old teen so there prob not my favorite idea but if you really think it'll work go for it.
No Problem..
October 14 2011 9:14am
Imma get right on it.. so i was thinking "the usual idea...good and evil..combined"

so how do you feel about Rainbows
beardjamin    Contest Holder
No Subject
October 14 2011 6:35am
Appended Description (October 14 2011 6:35am)
beardjamin    Contest Holder
October 14 2011 6:25am
Yeah im thinking having them separate sides and having them meet in the center. But i am open to different ideas.
for the design
October 14 2011 6:12am
did you want the peace and punk part of the tattoo separated?(do you want peace and punk on different sides)
does it matter if they are separated or not?
beardjamin    Contest Holder
October 13 2011 9:18pm
Hey mate thanks for liking the idea. I'm a drummer myself so maybe a bass drum to tie it together. Will be interested to see what you come up with.
October 13 2011 12:47pm
I like the idea of the hands and fingers, I also like the symbolism of the signs. I think you need a central idea to unify them, so they don't look opposed to each other. Music is just the ticket. Maybe a guitar with flowers and a Sid Vicious bass with a Union Jack design crossing necks? I don't know, but I like the concept on this one, good show mate! I like this contest!

I'll put my thinking cap on and see what I get.
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