poseidon tattoo

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$150.00 14 Completed

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poseidon - angle
Winning Entry
poseidon - a little color
poseidon - revised
poseidon - Poseidon Sketch Tweak
poseidon - Poseidon Sketch
poseidon - King of the Sea Sketch
poseidon - another shot
poseidon - ENTRY 2
poseidon - 2
poseidon - ENTRY 1
poseidon - Poseidon from a different angle
poseidon - Poseidon
poseidon - Titan
poseidon - first shot

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

seawind8    Contest Holder
gread job all of you!
February 25 2010 4:10am
yes indeed 2327 is a wonderful piece i am realy glad to see that most of the designs are really great all the artists are doing realy nice work if we finish this competition succesfully i would like to continue the design on a second scene tattoo of course with extra payment :)
February 25 2010 3:57am
Yeah, theres a fine line between referance and out right copying. Your second submission is wonderful! good use of referance and it is very artistic. I think its a wonderful representation of Poseidon.
Art-n-coffee & Rorke
February 24 2010 4:43pm
Definitely used the same reference image! It was the best I could find to go by for what Poseidon looks like... =) Nice eyes Art-n-coffee. To Rorke: First off to clear things up, I'm not a "he" ;)...I'm a "she"...lol, and nice choice of reference. But no, I didn't just play with the levels, I used the reference, drew/scanned it in...then digitally edit/re-draw in photoshop with a wacom tablet/mouse, it's faster and easier to edit that way rather than erasing and re-drawing...so I like to do that for a base entry to figure out what the contest holder is looking for...and go from there. My second entry is all hand drawn/scanned only. I think in art there's always a fine line between CGI and hand-drawn images from artist to artist...=) Cheers! BTW, I think you guys are both great artists.

- 13*
February 24 2010 4:36pm
I understand reference. You did well. But 13star just traced it, thats not properly using a reference.
seawind8    Contest Holder
February 24 2010 4:59am
if u manage to combine the 2307 and 2240 will be perfect :P

from 2307 i like the background most and the shades but totaly the 2240 has the right poseidon.
that statue
February 24 2010 4:48am
to art-in-coffee. That pic is where I got my reference from for the upper body. And I am positive without a doubt 13star found the same reference as me. Wether he traced it or not I don't know but it does look like he took the picture and just played with the levels in photoshop. I penciled mine out while looking at the computer screen then scanned in my drawing and digitally inked it.
February 24 2010 1:52am
Trace? http://students.ou.edu/K/Stacy.A.Keifer-1/poseidon2.jpg
seawind8    Contest Holder
found another tattoo that may help you
February 23 2010 10:12am
I was serfing in the web and saw another tattoo with poseidon that i like the style too maybe this will also help you :)

seawind8    Contest Holder
statue style
February 20 2010 6:19am
also like the statue style, i mean like rock with perfect body scale like 2240 design has if that helps both of you.
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