Polynesian Half-Sleeve Custom Tattoo

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Polynesian Half-Sleeve - My Submission with Grey
Winning Entry
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - rorkeart@gmail.com
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - .
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - My Submission
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - ..
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - Design A_addition
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - Psleeve
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - POLYNESIAN SUN
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - work in progress
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - Design A
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - Poly half sleeve
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - Tribal
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - Polynesian
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - Polynesian
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - different ending
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - full view
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - thinner
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - view5
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - view4
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - view3
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - view2
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - view1
Polynesian Half-Sleeve - half sleeve

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

November 24 2010 9:55am
she was a bit forward in how she put things, but she does have a point. "Angels" design is nice, but all the extra stuff done to the desgin is distracting. It would be difficult for me to picture it on myself with all the extra. The recent ones put up are MUCH easier to envision on an arm.
kingmart    Contest Holder
no subject
November 23 2010 8:47pm
I'm up for seeing some designs for just the Sun with marquesan cross and possibly another small pattern circling it if there is room (e.g. spearheads). for example #7674. because I may be able to get a design for the lower patterns elsewhere, please feel free to continue to submit full designs also though!
November 22 2010 8:48pm
Glad you like it so far. Any sugesstions on how you would like to see this finished up?

The interlocking spears will continue, but how would you like it to end at your elbow?
November 18 2010 10:21pm
What meanings did you want incorporated?
The design I posted up is a mix of Hawaiian, Samoan, and Marquasan... just to give you an idea on what you are looking for.
Moari Tatu
November 17 2010 9:09pm
Those are tinypic mad skills, I tell you what! . :)
kingmart    Contest Holder
November 17 2010 9:07pm
"Do you just want some nifty designs on your arm without any real symbolism?" - Pretty much, I really like the patterns and designs displayed in Polynesian tattoos. I've wanted a half sleeve for a while, Polynesians tattoos are the most exciting (to me) work I have seen. This is my fav' http://davidavery.wordpress.com/2009/10/31/hawaiian-tattoo-half-sleeve-to-join-the-club/ although I'm not a massive fan of the face in the sun. Faces and the animal designs are not something I like from polynesian tattoos, I like the intricate designs and patterns.

I'd prefer solid black filled although I am not against shading. I am sure about the position of the tattoo, half sleeve, left arm, shoulder down (but not on the top of the shoulder).

As for the image I posted (and my description), it was a very basic idea I had, I'm definitely up for seeing completely different designs, completely unique.
design question
November 17 2010 9:54am
Hi there, I have just a pair questions.

-Would you prefer the design with any shadow effects on the symbols or solid black filled?

-Are you really sure about the position of the tatt? It's no prb if yes but I'm asking 'cause such rounded symbols like marquesian crosses come traditionally on joint parts like shoulders, elbows or knees

kingmart    Contest Holder
my idea
November 15 2010 7:12pm
this is an extremely basic drawing I did in paint of how I imagine the top of the arm piece looking.

http://i52.tinypic.com/2reh5r7.jpg Mad talent, I know, maybe I should design.

The tattoo is going to be on my left arm
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