Mermaids for Antigone Suicide

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Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - white background
Winning Entry
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - Eveil Mermaid
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - Good Mermaid
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - Duality
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - mermaid variation 07
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - TWO OF TWO
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - mermaid variation 06
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - quick sketch with color
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - mermaid variation 05
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - mermaid variation 04
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - mermaid variation 03
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - ONE OF TWO
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - mermaid variation 02
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - mermaid variation 01
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - mermaids
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - Revision 7
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - mermaids
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - With Shells
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - Ballpoint and Colored Pencil
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - First Sketch
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - marmaids
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - Final revision
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - slightly darker
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - revision 6
Mermaids for Antigone Suicide - jimmy's mermaids for antigone

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

August 6 2009 5:07pm
There's definitely a glare on the scan. I could have a pro slide made if necessary.
check it out
August 5 2009 6:04pm
any comments on my design? I know it's crunch time but I can still make it better
Ah, didn't realize this area was here :P
August 5 2009 12:42pm
This is posted in my thread as well:

--My day just opened up--

"Thank you! Are you interested in seeing any changes- or are you pretty settled at this point? I'll be continuing my progress anyway so if you want to see anything for curiosity's sake just let me know!"
RE: Artists
August 4 2009 4:37pm
I love how the designs progressively improve over time... especially closing in on the deadline. Hehe.
Mermaid Design
August 3 2009 12:44am
Hi there. Was just wondering if you had any comments/suggestions on the design. Areas for improvement, etc?
August 1 2009 12:17pm
I would like you to comment on my design. Pros, cons suggestions.

The more information I get from you the better I can try and design something you like.

Needed some clarification on which straight lines
July 31 2009 5:12pm
Hey, I posted this under the section with my designs, but hadn't heard back so maybe it doesn't notify you when a comment goes there (if it does, sorry for the double post).

You mentioned that you'd like to see some straight lines a bit more wavey and watery. Which specific areas have the straight lines you want more fluid?

Just let me know and we can figure out a solution.
July 31 2009 12:10am
Hello, Antigone, could I have some feedback on my design? I would love some before I do the color! :D
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 30 2009 10:41am
Try using darker colors?

Any suggestions?
July 30 2009 12:28am
Hey Antigone. Are there any improvements to my design you could suggest? I know the hair isn't the kind of blonde you where looking at, I'm not working with the greatest colored pencils, I usually work in black and white. So if there is anything I can change or do, let me know, I'm in it to win it.
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 29 2009 11:29am
I love what you did with the blonde mermaids tail!
July 26 2009 6:33pm
Hey AG, I don't know if you've gotten a chance to have a look at my design yet, but I'm curious to say the least. I shot you a note I think, to let you know this is a rough drawing, and that everything can be made tighter. But I think it bears repeating. Anyway, hit me back.
July 25 2009 6:24am
Would also like to check whether it was important that they are in yin yang shape, or just the symbolism of what it represents...light Vs dark, good Vs evil etc.
Is this piece intended for the centre of the upper arm? I would still like do get together a few other ideas if I get the chance, but I need to know where abouts the exact placement will be, as this will heavily influence the shape of the design. I would then be able to design the piece to suit you anatomically. No doubt I will have more questions...until then, Cheers, Mayer
July 25 2009 6:16am
Okay, I just joined this site and I hadn't really got the hang of it prior to drawing my design (I am about to submit it if I can figure out how, lol) Long story short, I didn't see your description until it was too late. The drawing is just in sketch mode as I am keen to see your thoughts and modification requests prior to refining it. When refining, I will add in all the features you requested in your description. Let me know what you think and I will continue with the piece, or head in a different direction, etc.
Cheers, Mayer
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 24 2009 10:24am
If you can make the light mermaid as pale as possible with white hair that would be awesome!

Finally inked
July 21 2009 12:01am
Submitted the inked version up here finally. Is there anything you would like changed? If so let me know, I am going to color it tomorrow and post it here and on Twitter. Hope you like it. :3
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 20 2009 6:19pm
My arm is a blank canvas, so go crazy!

July 20 2009 5:56pm
I fixed my link to my site.
Mermaid Tattoo
July 20 2009 5:50pm
Hey there. I just joined this website to show off what I can do.

I get a feel for what you want, but where can I find a pic of your sleeve?

If this is going to be a center piece... you want it to flow perfect with what you already got.

Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 20 2009 5:47pm
Awesome! I would love to see what you can draw up :-)

This sounds fun
July 20 2009 5:42pm
I would love to submit something. Check out my gellery. I have a pretty funky style but I'll bring it as hard as I can. I was planning on doing a mermaid illustration anyways! I joined this site just for this<3
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
all artists
July 20 2009 4:39pm
Please read my full description of how I want the mermaids.

Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 20 2009 3:45pm
I saw your sketch on twitter and I can not wait to see it in color. You got the pose perfect, the dimple perfect, the characters perfect... everything so far looks amazing!

Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 17 2009 10:24am
I love the hair on the blonde mermaid!
Going to give it a try :)
July 17 2009 12:10am
Hey Antigone! I'm going to draw something out tonight. I love the idea!
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 16 2009 7:06pm
You can make her as evil as you want! Can't wait to see it!

July 16 2009 1:53pm
I read the description of how it is going to be a sleeve. Original question remains though, how evil. :D
How evil
July 16 2009 1:51pm
A couple of questions:
Where are you looking to have this tattoo inked, arm, back, shoulder, etc.
And I noticed you were interested in an evil mermaid. How evil do you want her?
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
Original work
July 13 2009 7:08pm
Just a reminder that this contest is for original work and not for flash art or other art that has already been created or tattooed on another person.

July 12 2009 12:01pm
i will try to fix that up for you hun
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
Octavia twins
July 9 2009 3:19pm
They are very pretty. Would you be able to make one thats evil?

Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 9 2009 3:16pm
I would like to see the "dark" mermaid more evil if possible. I like the "light" mermaids face, she looks sweet and relaxed which is what I wanted. Their tails are beautiful :-)

Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 9 2009 3:12pm
I have never seen mermaids that look like the ones you made, very interesting, I like your imagination.

I would love to see how the mermaids would look with some color added to them :-)

Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
July 9 2009 3:09pm
I love how the mermaids are laying, nice work!

July 9 2009 3:05pm
Howdy my friend,

Just got done with this design, took me 5 days to complete the design. I'm working on another design for you to consider. Hope you like it.

light and dark memaids from CTStudios
July 8 2009 3:18pm
Antigone - you can see above the first sketch of the light mermaid and then the second one with the more "fantasy" tail you asked for. Plus you can see the sketch for the dark mermaid and also a sketch of both together in yin yang pose. If you like what you see thus far, let me know via message and I can flesh them out, refine them and color them.
my work
July 8 2009 2:55pm
hope you like the two designs i uploaded
July 8 2009 2:14am
Love you baby
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
mr69 question
July 7 2009 7:22pm
Hello there :-) In the example photo I left you, the mermaids tails are covering the nipples and I thought that looked cute. I am open to seeing some nude designs though.
concerning the design
July 7 2009 12:14pm
do you want them to be nude, covered, semi nude? cause i have an idea but i want to have a better understanding of what you really want
Antigone_Suicide    Contest Holder
Hi Artists!
July 6 2009 1:16pm
Thanks for checking out my tattoo design contest. Leave me a comment if you have any questions. Thanks! xoxo - Antigone
Comments Closed