Lutheran Rose Custom Tattoo

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Lutheran Rose - Updated Design
Winning Entry
Lutheran Rose - world war 3
Lutheran Rose - Looks better printed out
Lutheran Rose - Grace Alone
Lutheran Rose - Lutheran Rose update
Lutheran Rose - Grace Alone (Ink)
Lutheran Rose - Grace Alone (Ink)
Lutheran Rose - Lutheran Rose
Lutheran Rose - Doober's Viking & Luthern Rose
Lutheran Rose - Luteran Rose / Dragon / Viking
Lutheran Rose - resized
Lutheran Rose - Rose

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

September 16 2009 3:18pm
sorry didn't mean to post 2 times.. my comp just started acting wacky.
sakel86    Contest Holder
Reponse: a litttle more clarity
September 14 2009 3:25pm
Yes, I already have the tattoo of the Druze Star and the word family but if you want to somehow incorporate the sign of the Freemasons (the pyramid and eye) I do not see that as a problem.
Oh and yes, please leave the words around the rose.
Also, I just want to say that there have been some really good submissions so far. You guys rock! keep up the great work!
Sorry but i don't have a picture. I wish i did but my camera broke the other day and i'm getting it fixed.
Clarify Please
September 13 2009 6:44pm
Do you already have the tattoos of the Freemasons, the Druze & the family OR do those items need to be incorporated INTO the Lutheran rose/viking theme?

If you do, would it be possible to have a picture of it?

Also, you wanted the words around the lutheran rose to stay the same, but do they have to be going AROUND the rose, or can they be moved, so long as the order remains the same?

sakel86    Contest Holder
September 11 2009 7:39pm
6x6 inches optional...minimum is 4x4 inches. The prize remains the same regardless.
September 11 2009 3:16pm
The size of this tattoo design request has been increased to 6 x 6 inches.
2x2 is so little
September 11 2009 12:28pm
2x2 inches is so little. I would love to design you something. but the detail you want will not be there.
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