intertwining symbols custom tattoo

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intertwining symbols - intertwining symbols
Winning Entry
intertwining symbols - 1
intertwining symbols - inf
intertwining symbols - Simplicity
intertwining symbols - handdrawn, some refinements
intertwining symbols - love from a mother
intertwining symbols - Symbols of love
intertwining symbols - three signs plus a star with a touch of color
intertwining symbols - three signs plus a star
intertwining symbols - infin
intertwining symbols - infin6
intertwining symbols - infin5
intertwining symbols - infin4
intertwining symbols - infin3
intertwining symbols - infin2
intertwining symbols - infin1
intertwining symbols - Beautiful challenge
intertwining symbols - Love my child forever
intertwining symbols - 3 symbols
intertwining symbols - more colors
intertwining symbols - dif color
intertwining symbols - more stars
intertwining symbols - 3symbols
intertwining symbols - 3 symbols
intertwining symbols - tat4
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Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

she    Contest Holder
February 2 2011 4:41pm
this is going to be so hard to decide.
she    Contest Holder
im by far no pro,
February 1 2011 6:46am
i took only one of the designs i liked and put some color to it. it is just an example of what i like. i would also like shading or blending of the colors (which i cant figure out how to do). dont forget the star!
she    Contest Holder
i like it very much
January 30 2011 10:51am
i actually took your design to photoshop and put in some color. i dont know how to add shading, but with some bright colors it looked fantastic!
my design
January 29 2011 10:59pm
How are you feeling about my design?
she    Contest Holder
oh wow!
January 27 2011 5:06pm
it is getting harder and harder to decide, so you must be getting close! whoo hoo!

if the mother/child symbol could remain the main focal point?

they are all so great. thank you so much.
she    Contest Holder
January 27 2011 12:41pm
i like the colors and the shading very much on your drawing!

if somehow i could combine the two 4* drawings i think it would be perfect.
she    Contest Holder
i like the colors
January 23 2011 12:33am
i am not sure if it is a scheme i am looking for. i like the bright purples, greens, yellows, etc...completely contrasting colors. new, and bright and bold.
January 22 2011 7:39pm
my thoughts on doing the design this way...

I can change colors in photoshop in 2 seconds. Figured I would get a color scheme you liked, then re-draw it and color it nice so its not grainy like this one. I will also add shading at that time, too. Let me know what you think.
she    Contest Holder
January 22 2011 12:55pm
can you do some shading too?
she    Contest Holder
January 22 2011 12:54pm
dont have anything set in stone. new, bright and blended to show each symbol seperate, yet connected.

did that even make sense? lol
January 21 2011 10:36pm
what colors do you prefer?
she    Contest Holder
the designs
January 21 2011 9:58pm
i like them, but i am trying to avoid the bones at the base of my neck as much as possible, so the ribbons at the bottom of the design would hit right on them. i guess i failed to mention that. sorry.
she    Contest Holder
January 21 2011 9:56pm
i love it! some color would be great. i like the simplicity and you remembered the star.
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