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Intertwined initials - Two Loves
Winning Entry
Intertwined initials - design by leanne mcgehee
Intertwined initials - Renee
Intertwined initials - Color
Intertwined initials - B/W
Intertwined initials - ..
Intertwined initials - naenor
Intertwined initials - color
Intertwined initials - color
Intertwined initials - color test
Intertwined initials - another one
Intertwined initials - Connected with Love
Intertwined initials - desikgn by  leanne mcgehee
Intertwined initials - design by leanne mcgehee
Intertwined initials - design by leanne mcgehee
Intertwined initials - arch
Intertwined initials - test 02
Intertwined initials - test 01
Intertwined initials - B/R initials
Intertwined initials - baby birds BR
Intertwined initials - BR shamrock
Intertwined initials - green shamrock BR
Intertwined initials - shamrock BR
Intertwined initials - Computer rendered initials
Intertwined initials - b and r sketch
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Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 17 2009 9:44am
do like the design, know its what I asked for but some reason seems a little plain, but again, cant really pinpoint what its missing. im sorry Im no help here . . . this is harder than I thought it was going to be. thx
tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 17 2009 9:41am
font feels a little too Willy Wonka ish. thx
tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 17 2009 9:40am
might like this better in black with some shading. IM finding I really like shading on tattoos after looking at them all. also seems to need a little something else with it, but unfortuantley I cant put my finger on what
tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 17 2009 9:38am
love the idea of the numbers since they are 'circular' but the numbers outweight the letters. thanks.
tpheasant    Contest Holder
1084 and 1075, 1074
September 15 2009 9:25am
1084, Im not fond of the dots/circles. 1075 I think is too thin of a font to show up very well being smaller and on the body, but I like the font, with a little less highlighting. I think the font is throwing me on this one too, could be the colors. can someone tell me if I go with a pink an blue is it going to be this 'peakcock' blue or dark blue (that almost look balck) that I will have to go with? Thanks,
tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 14 2009 10:01am
like the flourishes off the beginning and end of each letter, the letters in general are a little too square
tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 14 2009 10:00am
interesting concept as my last name is pheasant . .the birds are enticing, albeit a little on the cartoon side. thnx for submission
tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 12 2009 11:02am
I am using eliminated items to help me narrow down my choice. While Ive like all the submission, I still do have to make a selection of one, so Im using it to help me as a marker for my final decision. So another way to say this is that its not that I didnt like them, I just like others better. Thanks for the question . .
wondering why submissions get eliminated?
September 12 2009 2:19am
Are the submissions that read "eliminated" ones that you decide you don't like? Do you have any input for my designs?
tpheasant    Contest Holder
992, 993
September 11 2009 9:15am
Awesome! the only minor things Im not liking is the chain on 992 and the ribbon on 993 is a bit too much ribbon. a stem on the shamrock would be nice, but otherwise I like these!
tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 11 2009 9:14am
1009 is the first submission with color and just the initials that Im really liking! I think its because there is still enough black to make it stand out with just shading of colors. great job
September 10 2009 12:13pm
yes i can. let me draw it n post it for you to look at.
September 9 2009 6:39pm
Sorry, no I don't require any further feedback, I'm just used to the posts being on the contest page and not sent through my email, so i didn't see the comments from you.
tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 9 2009 3:12pm
if there is any interest, the addition of # can be used with the middle numbers of 05 being larger than the rest of the numbers. 08/25/05 is B's birthday and 05/16/08 is R's birthday.
tpheasant    Contest Holder
September 9 2009 9:57am
thanks for all the submissions. I think I have replied to each of you individually. One comment Ill post here is that I prefer to have it BR instead of RB (since the B is for my daughter that I had first). After looking at the samples I tend to like the all black more than the colored ones and I lean towards the ones that are cursive and/or appear as a design, not just letters. These are great so far! Thanks everyone!
September 9 2009 2:53am
Are we evr going to get feedback on anything?
tpheasant    Contest Holder
No Subject
September 4 2009 12:05pm
Appended Description (September 4 2009 12:05pm)
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