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Grandchildren - charms for your grandchildren
Winning Entry
Grandchildren - Grandchildren 1
Grandchildren - a slightly different version charm bracelet
Grandchildren - ROFL

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

November 8 2011 11:46pm
If the size is optional I would recommend that you extend your contest, you will get a whole lot more designs to choose from.....
Bluesrose    Contest Holder
November 1 2011 12:47pm
Hi - Ruby is a December girl, Olly is a February boy, Fabien is a February boy and Luca is a September boy.
As they are young their 'fav' colours and toys are ever changing.
Grand Babies
November 1 2011 11:02am
What months were they born in? Do each have a favorite animal/ toy/ cartoon?
Thank you Landin's Betty
Bluesrose    Contest Holder
Thank you
October 30 2011 3:14pm
Thanks for your advice - kind of looking similar position to cheryl cole hand tattoo???? Although open to suggestion if not really an ideal place - more like the style of a line tattoo rather than a big picture if you see what I mean.

Look forward to receiving your design and thanks again

Heads Up
October 30 2011 12:35pm
Hello there,

Just wanted to let you know that you should consider other locations to place your tattoo as the ones you have selected are most likely going to look bad after healing and probably need to be retouched or even redone, besides all that they are really painful.

If you mean on the upper side of the foot, that will work fine, but when it's too close to the sole of the foot the skin becomes different and really problematic to heal. Same deal with hands.

My 2 cents as a tattoo artist.

Other than that, I'll be more than ready to start your design.

Best regards.
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