Father/Daughter loyalty bond Custom Tattoo

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Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Father/Daughter, Loyalty and Balance
Winning Entry
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Loyalty Bond
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Daughters Final Design
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Fathers Bond
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Fathers Bond
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - line work
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - blk white before coloring
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Daughters
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Daughters
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Quick Colored Pencil
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Father/Daughter Bond
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - WIP
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - more color progress
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - brighter color
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Grayscale
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Colored
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - work in progress
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - New Design
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Draft
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - w.i.p
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Idea
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - 2nd Submission
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - First Submission
Father/Daughter loyalty bond - Preliminary sketch

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

OX73    Contest Holder
Final 2 Hours of Contest
July 1 2011 8:30pm
Fantastic work, really great designs by all, it's going to be really tough to choose a winner, there are great concepts and art stylings in all of your work. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your hardwork, one of you is about to immortalised on my skin not forever, but for the next 50 years. I love this site, I've been wanting to create my next tatto for the last 10 years, just couldn't make up my mind. Next hard decision is going to placement on my body. most like going to be on my back.

Thank-you everyone.

July 1 2011 8:04pm
wow...love your artwork!
June 30 2011 12:46am
I am drawing a sultry anime woman with long, flowing hair, riding a golden dragon winding around a bonsai tree
OX73    Contest Holder
June 29 2011 7:57am
Not sure about two small children of differring ages inthe design, that way they will always be children on my skin. I do like the idea of two bonded sisters as women. I like the idea of seeing my daughters for the sultry woman character they are.
What else do you have in mind for the design?
June 29 2011 12:51am
What do you think of two little anime girls, one 6 years-old and the other one year-old on the design?
June 28 2011 10:35pm

Still workin on it and will submit in the morning. :D
OX73    Contest Holder
June 28 2011 7:35am
What about a bonsai "Tree of Life"
OX73    Contest Holder
really good designs
June 25 2011 11:23pm
This competition will be really tough to judge, two really good designs up already, really appreciate the effort
OX73    Contest Holder
June 25 2011 5:39am
High detail is want I want in the final product, if you want to put up an outline idea for me to review before hand please do.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas come to life, I do like some of your previous works.
June 25 2011 12:02am
I have a good idea in mind for this design, and will get up a sketch tonight. How high of detail do you want?
June 24 2011 6:34pm
Also, as far a style goes, Japanese animation covers a lot of territory and thousands of artists. Can you name a show or a graphic novel or an artist with the style you like?
June 24 2011 6:22pm
Here's a very loose sketch of what I think you may be looking for. Try to give me an idea of what would be different if you were drawing it. Also try to provide as many details as possible.

OX73    Contest Holder
Any outline ideas
June 24 2011 8:02am
Send in your outline broad stroke ideas and lets start getting the concept down pact.

Thinking a mix of black (grey scale) for my character representation showing a little darkness in the life of all of us, with some bright colour for the good in life in my daughters representation. Open to size and overall shape, size in design spec is make sure your well rewarded for your unique artwork, need not cover the entire area.

really want something with a wow factor, maybe even incorporating some black light imagery into the design.
OX73    Contest Holder
June 21 2011 5:56pm
Don't mind mixing the culture at all, it's a large part of who I am and the life I live in tourism.
OX73    Contest Holder
June 21 2011 5:54pm
I agree with you, this design and my back will map the signifgant journey's and achievements in my life. My ffirst tattoo, was a spiritual quest, a your man embarking of a spiritual quest. (sharman feather skewered into the skin to proove his achievement of plucking the feather from the eagle).

My wife and partner is my soul mate from this life and past lives, she is a very old soul dating back to atlantis, whereas my soul is relatively new only a couple hundred years old, we've shared many lives/reiencarnations together (mostly asian). My wife is my spiritual guide, who keeps me on the path.

My Daughters are 6 & 1yo. They are are the opposite balance to my hectic life, the one who bring such joy and compassion. They are my muse, entertainment and all things bright and colourful, who inspire me to be a greater man. My life evloves around their future.
Tattoo Content
June 20 2011 11:07pm
Do you mind a mixing of the various cultures you described, or do you want a themed tattoo?
Tattoo Content
June 20 2011 4:14am
I have a few questions. A tattoo like this needs life, which means it needs elements from life.

In the order in which they stand out in my head:

Do you want your wife represented or does it matter to you? If you want her in, is she a partner protector or one of the protected, or if you want to go deeper, is she protector of you and your daughters?

Your daughters as a balancing influence - are they each one side of 'balance' or are they one side and you the other? What's the nature of that relationship?

Say a few words about each of your daughters - it can mean the difference between a cool tattoo and a living monument to the relationship. Think about how they see themselves as well as how you see them.

Is one or both of them the type to sit still and let father protect, or do they come in swinging?

Say a few words about yourself for the same reason.

How old are all of you?

Thank you,
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