Divorce Tattoo

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Divorce Tattoo - Divorce 3
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Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

January 15 2011 2:06pm
Sorry, was gonna maybe give this another try, but after three submissions not hitting the mark, I've lost my motivation! I thought my first submission with the dove and the arrow made point without being so obvious, but hey, you know what you want, and that's great, I hope someone comes through for you! :)
Travis003    Contest Holder
January 14 2011 9:11am
Yea I would like a chapel and it's going to be on my left side upper arm under another tattoo. Pics are at the bottom of screen of the other tattoo.
a little more info on this
January 13 2011 1:33pm
do you want the chapel in it or is that optional? how big is this gong to be? location on the body?
December 26 2010 3:26am
I think I'll give your design a try... I have an idea.
Travis003    Contest Holder
December 20 2010 1:48am
Yes that's fine. I would to see how that looks
December 18 2010 6:18pm
Can the joker be a woman?
I think I know what you're looking for...
December 15 2010 2:02pm
I just began working on this design. I think I have a concept that you will like. I trust that if I put up a rough sketch, that you will not honor someone else ripping of my design with the tiniest little change. I will have something for you shortly.
Travis003    Contest Holder
A little more detail
December 12 2010 5:29pm
I would like the whole chapel idea with maybe the joker card rolling the dice, example of cards would be like the movie Alice in wonderland. Would like the court scene as well for the divorce. Something to go with the other tattoo I have on my arm. Any add ons to the tattoo would be nice with high detail on the whole thing.
Travis003    Contest Holder
Dice and cards
December 3 2010 9:30pm
The dice can be any combination of numbers and the cards can be ace of hearts, king of spades, queen of diamonds, and joker. Mix them up if you want. Have them roll the dice. Anything that catches your eye. Have fun with it.
Dice and cards
December 3 2010 9:03am
you mention you want dice for years married, how many years?
and for the cards, and specific suite?
Travis003    Contest Holder
Here are some pics
December 2 2010 8:50pm

Hope these work for you. Hard to get it at a angle. I would like to combine the two into one. They both will have meaning together. But I would like the tattoo not like a cartoon but more realistic. All black and white with shading and detail please.
about your clowns
December 2 2010 8:02pm
Can you provide a picture of your clowns of your arm to get a better view of how I could blend your image to it?
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