Crusaders Cross

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Crusaders Cross - Crusaders Cross Tattoo
Winning Entry
Crusaders Cross - A tribal style Crusader's cross with 4 letters
Crusaders Cross - Cross with a spin RYRY
Crusaders Cross - new
Crusaders Cross - draft 3
Crusaders Cross - cross
Crusaders Cross - Draft 2
Crusaders Cross - Crusaders Cross
Crusaders Cross - center design
Crusaders Cross - Crusaders Cross Tattoo
Crusaders Cross - First Draft

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

January 21 2013 1:30am
cwright just a heads up;
we can't see each others designs :/
cwright1    Contest Holder
January 20 2013 11:41pm
sounds like a great plan!
cwright1    Contest Holder
January 20 2013 11:40pm
Ya more the swirls inside similar to Onderz, but I really like the cross design of Pestilence and how it has the smaller crosses to be more gothic
crusaders cross
January 20 2013 2:30pm
did you want the interior of the cross to have the pattern/swirls you've posted in the photo? or something different?
January 20 2013 12:39pm
Do you minds hand drawn? I will most likely use computer editing but just I case it's good to know. I'll try and draw you up a couple ideas. One exactly like you said and two simalure with a little bit of my own taste. How does that sound?
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