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Cherokee Tomahawk - New Traditional Tactical Tomahawk
Winning Entry
Cherokee Tomahawk - More smoke
Cherokee Tomahawk - a few changes
Cherokee Tomahawk - imaged blade tomahawk
Cherokee Tomahawk - Cherokee Tomahawk power
Cherokee Tomahawk - Cherokee Tomahawk power
Cherokee Tomahawk - Tomahawk three
Cherokee Tomahawk - Tomahawk two
Cherokee Tomahawk - Tomahawk 1
Cherokee Tomahawk - tomaheart
Cherokee Tomahawk - Eagle Clutching a Tomahawk
Cherokee Tomahawk - imaged blade tomahawk
Cherokee Tomahawk - tomahawk
Cherokee Tomahawk - tomahawk
Cherokee Tomahawk - with eagle
Cherokee Tomahawk - Cherokee Tomahawk
Cherokee Tomahawk - Sketch (will add color)
Cherokee Tomahawk - tomahawk  design
Cherokee Tomahawk - tomahawk  design
Cherokee Tomahawk - flames with tomahawk
Cherokee Tomahawk - flames with tomahawk
Cherokee Tomahawk - close up of face, tried to make it look more focused.
Cherokee Tomahawk - test11
Cherokee Tomahawk - eagle tomahawk
Cherokee Tomahawk - eagle tomahawk
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Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

Sketch Tomahawk (Will still color)
October 7 2009 8:09pm
Sorry I didn't get around to color during the contest but if you are really feeling the spirit eagle design and choose my tatoo, I'll color and send to you after the contest.


Tomahawk #1276
October 7 2009 2:06am
Hi! Sebastian,
I see I only got three stars from you. Is there anyway I can improve the tat for you? Debbie
Sebastian    Contest Holder
October 7 2009 12:05am
i like your designs, but the blade is a little too big. also, i like the eagle, but not in the background. if you can think of another way to incorporate it into the design id love to see it. also i would like to see some color. thank you again for your time and entries
Sebastian    Contest Holder
October 7 2009 12:01am
Right now im leaning towards the exaggerated designs.
October 6 2009 11:30pm
there anything i can do for my design. uve given me 3 stars on both but havnt said anything to me? would love some feed back
October 6 2009 7:33pm
Are you leaning more towards the exaggerated styles rather than the realistic? Was making the design based on what the description says but can do either style, just wondering what you prefer.
October 6 2009 1:13am
hope u like it!
October 6 2009 12:22am
Hi, Just wanted to see what you think about the design. Tried to keep it in the dimensions you asked for so that it would flow nice. Let me know if you'd like to see anything done to it. Thanks, Colby
October 5 2009 4:16pm
ok im sorry bout that
Sebastian    Contest Holder
October 5 2009 4:10pm
lol its ok dude i understand. my brothers colorblind too. just make the blade adjustment then. thanks agian
October 5 2009 1:33pm
alrite i try not to make this an excuse but i am color blind thats y my coloring skills are so bad ... im only a sketch artist black and white =/
Just Wondering..
October 4 2009 4:54pm
If you were going to start rating designs to give everyone a feel of which designs you really like. I know there is only 3 days left but alot of artist here like to improvise with the time they have towards your ratings, suggestions and comments :)
October 4 2009 3:23pm
I'm am drawing my final entry, totally different from the last ones, and ALOT more exciting! Its going to include a spread winged eagle on the blade of a detailed tomahawk. And I know your thinking that will never fit on my leg! but the way i am drawing it, there should be no reason why it wouldnt :) it shouldnt wrap around either. Still I would like to know how i did on the others entries too. Thanks.~Jen
October 4 2009 3:01pm
alrite i can do that.. an i can try to add color but i mite mess it up i suck at colors
October 4 2009 1:34pm
tried to put more eagle in there, and i think it stands for a better tattoo cause there is actually design and its not just a tomahawk sitting randomly on your leg.

anything that you dislike about my design, anything i can change or touch up?
Sebastian    Contest Holder
October 3 2009 2:56pm
dont worry dude. your still in the running. the last thing i need from you is to make the new blade a little smaller. Remember, its supposed to fit on my leg, and i dont want it wrapping all around it. also, you sure your cant add any color into it?
Hello Sebastian
October 3 2009 2:40am
I think I got everything you were looking for in my first entry, it took a while because its was hand drawn and colored, please let me know how you like it! I think all these designs are coming along nicely and being one of cherokee blood myself i might even consider something similar. Great idea, I really enjoyed drawing this one #1386 :)
its cool
October 2 2009 9:24pm
it's cool jaylock a hand drawn picture is just proof that it really can be tattooed that way.#1227 looks good
Sebastian    Contest Holder
reply to relentless
October 1 2009 7:20pm
Yes, i do plan on getting it in full color. As for the meaning of specific colors, im not entirely sure. As with most Native American tribes, the eagle hold special meaning to the Cherokee. And lastly, my Grandfather, from whom i get my limited Cherokee background, was from North Carolina. Many Cherokee's lived there before they were relocated on a forced march known as the Trail on Tears.
October 1 2009 2:06am
simple beginning design. just wanted to see if u like the blade and handle or if the dimensions are wrong on it. any comments are helpful
September 30 2009 10:56pm
Do you plan on this tattoo being in full color? or just black and gray? If color, are there any colors specific to the Cherokee tribe? Also, is there specific symbolism in feather patterns or animals that have a specific meaning meaning to the tribe as well...One last thing, what part of the country are Cherokees from?


Sebastian    Contest Holder
reply to gibit
September 30 2009 12:59pm
I'd prefer a brown handle. and both the back and front of the blade need to be a little smaller. thanks
September 30 2009 3:14am
curse computer rendering ha
September 30 2009 1:18am
I can change the handle color to just aout any type. did you want a brown or maple colored handle. Also the blade can be smaller did you want the back blade smaller?
Sebastian    Contest Holder
Response to art n coffee.
September 29 2009 11:44pm
Thank you for taking an interest in my contest. I like the idea of having a thunderbird on the handle. I like the sound of it being burnt in as opposed to painted, so long as the trade off isnt a loss of detail.
September 29 2009 10:04am
Hi, I just signed up. Was lookin at this. I read up on the Cherokee and they used chipped and polished soapstone, and the stone was tied onto wood or bone with leather straps. also I read up that the thunderbird was a symbol of strength and spirit.

how do you feel about a thunderbird being on the handle? would you prefer it to look burnt into the handle or painted?
September 29 2009 1:27am
Just wanting to see what you think? Colors are changeable. Also if you'd like a black and white drawing I could post that also.
Tomahawk and Eagle
September 28 2009 1:35pm
Hey Sebastian
I resubmitted my Tomahawk and Eagle it is #1276 to your liking, I hope you like it.

September 25 2009 6:30pm
heres a better suitable version hopefully =]
Sebastian    Contest Holder
September 25 2009 6:21pm
thanks man
September 25 2009 6:17pm
its ok i got you im redoing the blade now
Sebastian    Contest Holder
September 25 2009 6:16pm
Yeah man you can draw it separately if you want to. The presentation would probably be better if it was just one drawing, but its up to you
September 25 2009 6:00pm
do you mind if i draw the blade seperate jus by itself an u can jus add it to the previous sketch?
September 25 2009 12:13am
here's my concept sketch of wat you wanted its all hand rendered by me. no computer work..hope its enough for the contest
Sebastian    Contest Holder
No Subject
September 24 2009 9:33pm
Appended Description (September 24 2009 9:33pm)
Sebastian    Contest Holder
September 24 2009 5:18pm
Thanks for the advice. i look forward to seeing your sketch
September 24 2009 4:46pm
If you want your tat to show strength honor and dignity, then you should have a tomahawk that is worn, and also usually more than one feather shows honor of more than one battle, and strength would mean more than one battle. I will be submitting my sketch in a little while for you, please let me know what you think
Sebastian    Contest Holder
September 24 2009 12:42am
I would like to see you expand on you ancient story and spiritual concepts, although not drastically over the top. As for the blade, i believe used might work better. But im no artist. If you feel that the tomahawk would come out better if it was designed as a gift that would be fine too.
September 23 2009 11:17pm
Are you going for realism or an ancient story kind of thing. I'm Native so if you want realism, spiratualism, or sacraficial I am willing to draw all. Also a tomahawk was a weapon of war so what type of blade did you want? Used or just made as a gift?
September 23 2009 11:00pm
alrite thanks sebastion i got an amazing sketch for you coming..
Sebastian    Contest Holder
September 23 2009 10:57pm
Yeah man. I'm open to seeing all different variations of this tattoo.
September 23 2009 10:44pm
can i actually sketch the piece without color cuz i suck at color. i have an amazing design ready to go
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