Butterfly with kids names custom tattoo

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Designs by: Octavia
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Fluttering of wings
Butterfly with kids names - Fluttering of wings
Butterfly with kids names - Focus on the names
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Butterfly with kids names - Flowing Names
Butterfly with kids names - flowing names

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No Subject
September 11 2011 9:17am
Submitted design #22473
No Subject
September 11 2011 7:57am
Submitted design #22472
Yes I can do that :)
September 8 2011 12:51am
I will try and come up with a few ideas today :)
cervana    Contest Holder
Flowing Names
September 6 2011 10:41am
I like this a lot. My only issue with it is that I want the entire tattoo to be visible when I wear flip flops and I think that the names drift too far from the butterfly and would be covered up by my flip flop strap. Can you maybe make the names closer to the butterfly..possible around it like Gavin and Owen running along each side and Lily on the bottom?
September 6 2011 4:30am
Submitted design #22168

flowing design to enhance your foot
Out line
September 6 2011 3:33am
Submitted design #22167

idea for trailing names with option to add more names that wrap around your ankle
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