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Brothers Tattoo Need Ideas - Saints
Winning Entry
Brothers Tattoo Need Ideas - three saint huging each other like brothers
Brothers Tattoo Need Ideas - Final Stencil
Brothers Tattoo Need Ideas - Saints with Vines
Brothers Tattoo Need Ideas - Three characters
Brothers Tattoo Need Ideas - Rough Sketch

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January 11 2012 3:59pm
First let me say thank you for the invite. I have been really busy with tattoos that is why I am late.. I see that you don't have many designs submitted for the contest as of if contest is extended I will submit a design for you to check out but as of now there is just not enough time left for me to create a design that you would be proud to carry on your arm.
Travis003    Contest Holder
January 9 2012 4:44pm
Im sorry to do this to you guys. Its St. Christopher, St. Nicholas, And St. ANTHONY. St. Anthony not Raymond
Travis003    Contest Holder
January 9 2012 3:05pm
Yes I would like to cover that area and wrapped around, but not covering my other tattoo. Only Black And grey. Thank You
January 9 2012 1:27pm
nevermind I see the tops at the forearm and bottom at the wrist. So is it going to wrap all the way around and cover the other(s) I've seen already?
January 9 2012 1:24pm
Alright I'm going in. You want a horizontal(from inner elbow towards wrist) tattoo of three saints in black and white? The dimensions for the project seem off if it's to cover the space I just addressed. What size do you want the picture to be?
Travis003    Contest Holder
January 9 2012 10:06am
I kinda like realistic more. Im just not sure what actions I want them to be doing. Any suggestions would help.
Icon or Realistic?
January 9 2012 9:47am
One more question: I am planning a design with the 3 saints. How do you feel about the Orthodox Icon style of art? When I think of artwork depicting saints, that style is what I think of. Everyone gets saints done in realistic tattoos that copy the black and white etchings in famous artwork, but I don't see Icon styles much. Would you like the Icon style, or realistic? If you're not sure what I'm talking about, do a google image search for "St. Nicholas Orthodox Icon" or "St. Christopher Orthodox Icon." It is the stylized kind of religious art from Russia and Greece.
Travis003    Contest Holder
January 7 2012 8:04pm
The top should be at the forearm and bottom at wrist.
January 7 2012 6:22pm
I understand the placement, but which side should be the top of the design? Near the wrist so you look down at it and see it right side up? Or should the top be at the forearm and the bottom at the wrist, so when your arm is down everyone else sees it right side up?
Travis003    Contest Holder
January 7 2012 2:29pm
I need the tattoo to start from the middle of arm then continue to wrist.
Right side up?
January 7 2012 12:59pm
I don't understand. Do you want the top of this design near your wrist, or near your elbow?
Travis003    Contest Holder
January 7 2012 11:54am
Whats the end of your email address? The three saints are very different. I would like them all together doing something. Im not sure quite what so I need suggestions. You can find pictures of these three saints on the web. Wikipedia or just searching them one by one.
January 7 2012 5:48am
can you give me some background on these saints? My email is Bobby_#
Travis003    Contest Holder
January 6 2012 10:41pm
I added some images of the space thats needed to finish this sleeve. Thank You
Picture of your arm
January 6 2012 12:15pm
Picture of your arm with the existing tattoo could help to position the design well
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