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Angel vs Demon - last background
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Angel vs Demon - sketch
Angel vs Demon - Angel vs. Demon tattoo #1
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Angel vs Demon - new color
Angel vs Demon - new color
Angel vs Demon - new background
Angel vs Demon - In Color
Angel vs Demon - try try again
Angel vs Demon - Angel VS Demon 2
Angel vs Demon - Angel VS Demon 1
Angel vs Demon - avsd
Angel vs Demon - Inked Up
Angel vs Demon - just a something new
Angel vs Demon - color version grwgreger
Angel vs Demon - a differnet background
Angel vs Demon - a painting i always wanted to do
Angel vs Demon - Early Sketch WIP
Angel vs Demon - lets get it on
Angel vs Demon - here you go
Angel vs Demon - another option
Angel vs Demon - Final revision
Angel vs Demon - AVD
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Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

July 18 2010 12:21pm
It's awesome.
offending comments
July 18 2010 11:34am
First and foremost, I've never traced anything in my life...I have actual talent. I draw by hand before scanning into my computer. I'm here to have a good time, and have been creating, and actually tattooing for 7 years...I know which lines will work, and which ones won't...I get paid to know the difference. I avoid the "clip art" look. Have a superb day.
July 18 2010 11:13am
They should be facing each other more.....Right now they look like they are not even Fighting each other...nice work though not trying to offend you...just trying to help.

July 18 2010 11:02am
NIce trace for the comic arc angel....looks just like him....I got my inspiration for his wings.
July 18 2010 5:07am
But just because a contest holder says he loves a design and he wants it...doesn't mean that something amazing wont show up and change his mind. I think that seeing it as a failure is unattractive. Who knows. Influences of family and friends could change their mind or a new artist who found this site. New designers are always arriving...I found it on accident. Though they might like something, someone may have executed it better or rather, to their liking. Everyone is different. Like I said, I am still not sure who will win. He made that comment way before there were really any entries so, anything is possible...I do have butterflys in my tummy though. Good luck to everyone...

July 18 2010 4:24am
Thanks for the compliment on the wings, I love drawing wings. I love your demons face. there are alot of amazing entries on here.

I dont think ill finish it though. Doubt I have any chance after knocking him alittle anyways haha.

I just feel if someone says that they are set on getting a design before a contest is up they should be courteous to other entrants and let them know to save them time. This isnt the first time its happened, wont be the last. Just letting us know whats up is what contest holders need to do.

And I do harvest bits and pieces of loosing designs sometimes. Or sell the original art.
July 18 2010 3:56am
I never count out the hard work I put into something. As we all know, these contests sometimes repeat time spent working on a design can easily transfer to another. If I design something i spent a lot of time on and didn't win like the last few contests I entered, I save the design for another or the idea. I think of it as a step forward for the next contest there might be with similar guidelines. There are a lot of talented people here...again nothing is etched in stone....we can take what life throws us and count it as a loss, or just work that much harder to try to change the outcome. In the end were all winners because we took a challenge and never gave up.

Art N Coffee
July 18 2010 3:46am
Love Love Love your angel wings. And as for the comments...its still not for certain. I entered a contest where I read that the contest holder was deciding between 2 artists...I was like why am I doing this just made me push harder to design...and turns out someone other than the 2 the contest holder was picking won. I still have my doubts there are a plethora of awesome ones out there. There is always a chance to change someones mind. Love a lot of ideas you folks are awesome.

contest closed
July 17 2010 6:52am
bigp0420 to alissabennette on july 13th:

It's perfect, I just want to see the guns in color. After that, I'll just be waiting for the contest to end, 'cause I'm already set on your design, in case you haven't already noticed. Thanks for putting up with me being picky, I just want this ready to go straight on the skin.

So it seems like any other submission may just be a waste of time, use your own judgement . just thought everyone should know
July 17 2010 5:47am
red can fade faster. Ive seen some washed out red tats, but yellow has the same problem. I was advised not to get yellow in my tattoo. Ive had it 6 years and it hasnt faded at all, same with the shamrock green. the black on the other hand is fading and spreading..I think its alittle different for everyone.

From what I have seen white ink fades the fastest. Tat artists advise against using alot of it. Some wont use it at all. I use it sparingly.
July 15 2010 3:34pm
did you want add bullet proof vests? Thanks for all your support and updated us on your needs....Please let me know...

bigp0420    Contest Holder
July 15 2010 2:10pm
I would like to see them with bullet proof vests, and as for the wing color, It doesn't really matter to me as long as they're not the same feather type as the angel. I prefer the angel's hair to be light in color, either blond, white, gray, or something. Length doesn't matter to me. As for the demon, I prefer the body to be human-like, but the feet could be either way, and the head could be whatever as long as it has horns. Oh, and the background can be however you see it working, whether it be no background or what. Thanks for the inquiry.
Art N Coffee
July 15 2010 11:01am
Thanks for the feedback...I will take it in consideration. =) Are you going to put artwork up?

July 15 2010 4:43am
So do you want the bullet proof vests still?

What are your feelings on backgrounds. blank, clouds, celestial scene (night sky with stars) abstract?

Any preferences on hair color and length on the angel?

For the demon do you want him more human like? What about its feet, hooves or human feet?

Demons wings, red or black, or black feathers perhaps?
July 15 2010 2:59am
Its definitely better. the horn doesn't blend in with the wing anymore. The grey bg makes them stand out more. The clouds weren't bad, could do them on the grey bg with some shading. also some darker shading on the demons pants on the backside just alittle will make his pants not blend in with the bg.
Also possibly fading out the bg so it doesnt look like a square.

Your art is great, dont get me wrong.
angel and demons
July 15 2010 2:13am
be different man have this look like an alter piece. like it belongs in a church. The fact is you have it on you, so you are dealing with your battle. you will inspire others to do the same
July 14 2010 11:54am
How is is wrong? It's Black Blood coming out from the top of his skull.
Art in Coffee
July 14 2010 11:44am
This is what the contest holder wants...want...I left the background out and he wanted I dunno its his body..if its what he wants I have to deliver....I dunno any suggestions?

July 13 2010 11:51pm
Angel. Sorry, that's such a common mistake there's a tshirt made of that typo. haha
July 13 2010 11:06pm
that background will not look good as a tat, I would leave that out.. Not trying to offend, just my opinion. The angle and demon isnt half bad. The horns on the demon blend in with the wing though.
final drawing
July 13 2010 7:26pm
hey allisa,
just wanted to know that one of your magic trace lines is wrong, connecting the devils peck to his neck
I understand your point
July 13 2010 4:34pm
but with the background being gray...they will all pretty much look the same hue...but if its what you would like...then I will do it. =)

bigp0420    Contest Holder
Alissa B
July 13 2010 3:45pm
For the color on the guns, it looks like the angel has an M-16, so just black with shading and maybe a grey magazine in it. For the demon's pistol, silver or whatever would work best for you will work. And for the sawed-off shotgun, I think it would look best with a wooden color stock and black barrel. I like the traditional colors on the weapons. Thanks for everything!
July 13 2010 1:40am
What colors would you like the guns? Maybe red for the devil and hmmm blue for the angel? Let me know what you think...I will make the changes...your welcome.

July 12 2010 10:30pm
I love your devils position! Nice start.
July 12 2010 4:08pm
im taking a huge risk that my idea's might and will get stolen I hope you take that in account I will be sending you my final in a bit
July 12 2010 3:32pm
I want to put mine up...but I don't think you can see the detail that much...the watermark is messing me up.
bigp0420    Contest Holder
alissa b
July 12 2010 1:57am
Sorry, I forgot about the stars. I just updated that and thanks for the reminder.
July 11 2010 4:00pm
are you going to put stars on the ones you like?
July 11 2010 1:36pm
I will make the changes for you....please be patient with me. Thanks

July 10 2010 1:35am
Hey, I am working on one for you....I really like it but we will see what you think...I am just going to do the drawing first no color....I won't move forward till I get your response. Thanks....

bigp0420    Contest Holder
New addition
July 9 2010 1:39pm
After viewing a couple of the new concepts, I think that it would be cool to have them wearing bullet proof vests, and at least one of them showing impact from a bullet such as blood spray or something. Also both guns should have smoke and the appearance of firing. I like the rough drafts so far, thanks everybody.
bigp0420    Contest Holder
Even fight
July 8 2010 5:21am
I just thought about it and I would prefer that the angel and demon appear balanced out in the fight, kind of representing the balance between good and evil. Thanks everybody.
bigp0420    Contest Holder
July 7 2010 3:40pm
I would like them to have clothing, anything will work as long as it looks worn and torn from battle. And yes, blood and bullet scars would definately add to the concept. Thanks for helping fine tune this for me.
Submitting same art in different contests
July 7 2010 1:42pm
The art she posted was submitted to another angel and demon tat contest on here. Is that allowed?

Other then that you want them both male. You want modern weaponry what about clothing? Suits, loin cloths, nothing? armor?

They will be shooting at each other, do you want any blood or bullet wounds?
bigp0420    Contest Holder
July 7 2010 2:13am
I would prefer the angel and demon to both be male. Thanks for inquiring, I didn't think about that.
July 6 2010 11:33pm
Do you have a preference as to male or female angels or demons? Both male, both female, or one of each perhaps?
bigp0420    Contest Holder
No Subject
July 6 2010 5:51am
Appended Description (July 6 2010 5:51am)
Comments Closed