a clockwork hummingbird tattoo

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a clockwork hummingbird - Hummingbird 3
Winning Entry
a clockwork hummingbird - Mechanical Hummingbird #1
a clockwork hummingbird - colorful flight
a clockwork hummingbird - flying hummingbird
a clockwork hummingbird - Clockwork hummer
a clockwork hummingbird - color
a clockwork hummingbird - Ruby & Gold Clockwork Hummingbird
a clockwork hummingbird - simple humming bird
a clockwork hummingbird - A Bit lighter
a clockwork hummingbird - Steampunk Hummingbird
a clockwork hummingbird - hummingbird
a clockwork hummingbird - Design by Skittles
a clockwork hummingbird - clockwork hummingbird
a clockwork hummingbird - Hummingbird2
a clockwork hummingbird - Clockwork Hummingbird

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

May 3 2012 10:46pm
Do whatever comes natural to you.
Your "selling point" will be your individuality.
whatever sets you apart from the bunch...if you believe this is our hand drawing capabilities, then accentuate that. Don't try to do what everyone else does. If a "Client" likes your work....it won't be because you're good at copying someone else.
May 3 2012 3:51pm
Blackcatgirl, I also noticed a lot of artist portfolios are digital artwork, I wonder if I should be charting an idea out on paper and moving it to digital..or just scanning my actual drawings. Is there any right or wrong way when entering work in your opinion?
May 3 2012 10:04am
Hi there,
Just to let you know all the designs are hidden, you don't have to do anything to make it happen; you can only see yours. It is just to prevent people 'borrowing' ideas that are rated better, only the contest holder can see them.
There is a forum here if you have any questions about the site, or you can contact one of the Admins via the 'contact us' link. Hope you like the site, I've been here about a year now; lots of fun =]
May 2 2012 7:44pm
I am new to this site, why are all the designs hidden? and would it be a good idea to hide mine as well..and if so..how do i do that?
Or maybe I am the only one who can see my design?
madelin    Contest Holder
April 22 2012 3:10pm
I am leaning towards natural colors but am open to both.
April 22 2012 3:04pm
I have an idea for your tattoo, would you like the hummingbird to have it's natural colors and the "mechanical" parts of it to be more of black and gray?
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