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80's Cartoon Sleeve - 2
Winning Entry
80's Cartoon Sleeve - Ink on Skin
80's Cartoon Sleeve - .
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80s Sleeve Strawberry Stars Close-up
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80's Sleeve New Characters
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80's Cartoon Sleeve Tattoo within a tattoo
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80's Cartoon Sleeve Care Bear
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80's Cartoon Sleeve Close-Up view
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80's Cartoon Sleeve Final Coloured Ink
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80's Cartoon Design
80's Cartoon Sleeve - sleeve
80's Cartoon Sleeve - Stencil Outline
80's Cartoon Sleeve - change in design
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80s Cartoon Collage
80's Cartoon Sleeve - let me know what you think
80's Cartoon Sleeve - A tattoo within a tattoo
80's Cartoon Sleeve - JEM close up
80's Cartoon Sleeve - Care Bear Close Up
80's Cartoon Sleeve - Care Bear Close-up
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80's Cartoon Sleeve Linework
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80s Cartoons
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 2
80's Cartoon Sleeve - sorry I put the wrong one
80's Cartoon Sleeve - sorry I put the wrong one
80's Cartoon Sleeve - 80s tattoo
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Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

80sgirl    Contest Holder
re: final design
November 25 2011 9:34pm
Thanks everyone for your designs! I actually didn't expect to have such a hard final choice here... I have 3 or 4 in the top right now, so within a day or two I will have chosen someone... Thanks everyone again for your work!
80sgirl    Contest Holder
November 23 2011 2:14pm
Thanks everyone so far for the designs! There is tons of great work in here, it's going to be a hard decision!
80sgirl    Contest Holder
re: color
November 23 2011 2:07pm
Just bright bright colors!
November 23 2011 2:06pm
as far as color are you talking nick baxter(http://www.nickbaxter.com/tattoos/) or guy aitchison type color?
80sgirl    Contest Holder
re: jess
November 23 2011 8:08am
Yes, Jessica Rabbit also woudl betoo :)
80sgirl    Contest Holder
November 23 2011 8:06am
snorks, wuzzles,muppet babbies, fraggles love them too!
November 23 2011 2:10am
is Jessica rabbit 80s
November 22 2011 11:55pm
just read your first post hahaha, lists a bunch more.
November 22 2011 11:54pm
Wuzzles, Fraggle Rock, Muppet babies? Just asking incase I need more.

November 22 2011 10:37pm
Do you like the Snorks too?
November 22 2011 1:12pm
When you get a chance, can you rate the submissions that you have received so far? Thanks so much in advance. :)
80sgirl    Contest Holder
November 22 2011 9:55am
3 apples tall! love them too
November 22 2011 2:12am
what do you think about smurfs?
80sgirl    Contest Holder
re: rainbows
November 21 2011 9:45am
I'm fine with rainbows! My other arm is a 1/2 sleeve unicorn with rainbow and things :) I love color, that's why Id like lots for this one to keep the arms a bit balanced out lol
this is actually a picture of my sleeve :-)
November 21 2011 5:17am
so funny to see it as an example-hope you find an artist to rock it out for you-i love my sleeve! :-)
November 20 2011 10:11pm
I am about to start on your design. I grew up loving all those same characters, and I learned to draw by drawing all the cartoons! I just wanted to ask, how do you feel about rainbows? Some people are touchy about them, but I think rainbows are the natural choice to tie this design together!
80sgirl    Contest Holder
November 17 2011 2:40am
Shoulder to elbow - 8.5 inches
Shoulder to wrist - 18 inches
Bicep - 9.5 inches
Elbow - 8.5 inches
Forearm - 8 inches
Wrist - 6 inches

November 16 2011 8:43pm
can i have the length of your shoulder to elbow and shoulder to wrist as well as circumference of bicep, elbow, forearm and wrist?
November 16 2011 6:45pm
I'm excited on giving this tatoo a try.. i usualy work in black and white but I like the chalenge of colorful.....I hope I come up with something you like :)
80sgirl    Contest Holder
November 15 2011 2:01pm
Any sort of Jem design would do. I just know I really want her in there :)

Also, no not Gummi Bears the candy. It was a Disney TV show :)
gummi bears the candy
November 15 2011 12:45pm
gummi bears the candy
November 14 2011 7:02pm
it sounds like you like jem a lot. is there a specific picture you want of her?
Disregard the phoenix!
November 11 2011 11:31am
I thought I was on my page!! I'm sorry!
80sgirl    Contest Holder
November 11 2011 11:30am
the ones I would for sure like to see are the ones in the description. Jem is a must! Strawberry shortcake, popples, gummi bears, care bears,she-ra, teddy ruxpin, rainbow brite.. I'd like it to be a bit girly, but I'm not against having some teenage mutant ninja turtles, maybe babar, california raisins, denver the last dinosaur, chip n dale, inspector gadget...man there are so many awesome characters.
Any Preferences?
November 11 2011 11:13am
So what is your definition of 80s cartoons? Are there any preferences on the shows you'd like to see?

I'll sketch out something tonight.
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