4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse - revised
Winning Entry
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse - 4 horsemen

Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

Artistrrb darklordthesith
June 12 2011 7:04pm
Thanks for the compliment artistrrb!

Darklordthesith, already working on it, thanks!
June 12 2011 5:34pm
incredible ...as usual!
darklordthesith    Contest Holder
Nice Ronnie
June 11 2011 10:51pm
I like what you've done with the pic and am curious if the 3rd horsemen could be given a bow vice the sword?
June 10 2011 2:23pm
working on a detailed version now...I'll have something up soon.
darklordthesith    Contest Holder
Re: Erikas Question
June 9 2011 7:54pm
I had a picture up but felt it was to demanding. So it is up to your interpretation of both (horses and horsemen)
June 9 2011 2:03pm
Do you just want the horses or the actual horsemen and the horse?
darklordthesith    Contest Holder
June 7 2011 10:10am
I planned on putting it on my back across the shoulders
June 6 2011 3:49pm
where ya puttin this badboy?
darklordthesith    Contest Holder
No Subject
June 4 2011 8:22pm
Appended Description (June 4 2011 8:22pm)
darklordthesith    Contest Holder
just so were clear and you aren't wasting your time
May 31 2011 3:21pm
You don't have to really bother with the bg. I want to the focus to be on the horsemen.
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