2 Hearts + Infinity symbol = 2 hearts forever Tattoo

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2 Hearts + Infinity symbol = 2 hearts forever - 6
Winning Entry
2 Hearts + Infinity symbol = 2 hearts forever - 5
2 Hearts + Infinity symbol = 2 hearts forever - 4
2 Hearts + Infinity symbol = 2 hearts forever - 3
2 Hearts + Infinity symbol = 2 hearts forever - 2
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September 1 2011 2:02am
pictures would be great! i haven't seen any of my designs actually inked yet. i'm really looking forward to it. ~e
joeyambrose    Contest Holder
August 31 2011 11:55pm
We love the design and appreciate your hard work. When the contest finally ends, I will declare you the winner. If I get a chance I'll post pictures for you too. :)

Thanks again!
No Subject
August 30 2011 12:43am
Submitted design #21703
finalized design
August 29 2011 8:25pm
i'll make the final outline for you guys tonight and resubmit. when the contest is over, it lets me upload a high quality file that you can then download and print out. as far as i know, this site doesn't allow contests to end early and the file transfer page doesn't show up until a winner is picked at the end. it wouldn't hurt to ask admin, but i've never seen a contest end early. take care. :)
joeyambrose    Contest Holder
Declaring winner
August 29 2011 4:51pm
It doesn't look like I can declare a winner until the end? If I could I'd go ahead and pick yours now. Seems like I should be able to.
joeyambrose    Contest Holder
21514 is probably it
August 29 2011 4:47pm
We talked about it and I think we like 21514 the best in black and white. She likes the scroll work and the uniqueness of the tattoo. Can you go ahead and clean it up and digitize it? We have an appt at the tattoo shop tomorrow night.
No Subject
August 28 2011 4:33pm
Submitted design #21616
joeyambrose    Contest Holder
August 28 2011 1:50pm
OK, so she's really pushing for color, so can you color the infinity with a darker red, one heart with a "passion" purple, and the other heart with a medium-dark green please? Thank you.
August 26 2011 7:36pm
less busy but still with some swirls your girlfriend likes. the hearts and infinity make a very cool shape in itself so i didn't outline the extra. yet. and i think you're right that it would look good in black and grey versus in color.
No Subject
August 26 2011 7:32pm
Submitted design #21514
joeyambrose    Contest Holder
Little too busy
August 26 2011 5:06pm
This latest one has too much going on I think. Any way to tone down the design elements?
No Subject
August 26 2011 11:08am
Submitted design #21473
joeyambrose    Contest Holder
August 23 2011 6:22pm
You know I am liking the main image but not the leaves so much. My girlfriend likes this style if it helps: http://s415.photobucket.com/albums/pp239/Sarah04Hope/?action=view¤t=DSC00095-1.jpg

Open to other suggestions of course, so please be creative, but hopefully that gives you some idea :)
August 23 2011 3:34pm
thanks for the quick feedback :) heres a sketch with leaves and i fixed the twist at the top. if you like it, ill outline it and show you a version with color.
No Subject
August 23 2011 3:31pm
Submitted design #21232
joeyambrose    Contest Holder
Ha ha...I posted too quick
August 23 2011 1:48pm
I didn't see your comment, sorry about that! Yes, love the idea of adding the leaves, and no, I don't want it to look TOO feminine, however this is for both a man and women. I like your ideas, please keep going.
joeyambrose    Contest Holder
August 23 2011 1:46pm
Nice job on 21224. I like the 3d look on this, so if we decide to do just black, the one on the right would look pretty cool. Think you can put one more twist on the top heart to match the bottom one?
August 23 2011 1:40pm
2 basic black outlines. i was thinking about adding a series of smaller to larger leaves to represent life, energy, growth, and nature. played around with it but it was beginning to look very feminine... my idea was to make the hearts red, the infinity purple, and the leaves green.
No Subject
August 23 2011 1:35pm
Submitted design #21224
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