Custom Tattoo Design Contests

Time Left
sexy back tattoo
I want to cover a small tribal tattoo and I want to bring sexy back - or at least have a sexy back.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$65.002447 mins
Cancer awareness tattoo
A tribute for my lost and beloved ones suffering from cancer. (cancer awareness ribbon)
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$54.00161 hr, 16 mins
My children on my skin
A tattoo with the name of my two children incorporated in a feminine design, on the left ankle.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$45.00121 hr, 19 mins
Left Arm: Eagle/Bible Scripture Tattoo Design
Tattoo to show my faith with a favourite scripture and my favourite animal, an Eagle.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$260.00761 hr, 47 mins
Hope flies
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$90.00232 hrs, 12 mins
Right calf, a wave which includes names Zoe and Cooper
I would like a wave or similar design on my calf with my childrens names in it.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$80.00323 hrs, 50 mins
Wings of some sort!
Wings be creative and make something awesome!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.00364 hrs, 47 mins
Ying Yang Tribal
Top & Down Matching Tribal
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$225.00345 hrs, 24 mins
Hawaiian warrior mana
Not ur average tattoo for a single dad of four. Loves the rocks tattoo and he wants his own custom to his kids.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$500.00348 hrs, 6 mins
abstract/watercolor clock
Abstract or watercolor style clock for my upper arm. eventually if not immediately want it to be a half sleeve.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$250.007310 hrs, 35 mins
Family Honor - Dreamcatcher 6"x8"
Father looking for a Family Honoring Dream-catcher for 43rd B-day.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$325.003811 hrs, 21 mins
Family sleeve/top of shoulder
3/4 sleeve Family tattoo featuring playing cards, skulls and dawn of dead girl
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$200.001813 hrs, 30 mins
Tribal Cover Up/Touch Up with something oriental
Looking for ideas to improve my half sleeve
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.00117 hrs, 30 mins
All That You Can't Leave Behind
''All That You Can't Believe Behind '' and ''No Line On The Horizon '' can be main inspirations of the tattoo.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.001919 hrs, 0 mins
Back Piece
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$250.0041 day, 0 hrs
Soulmate Tattoo: Nothing "unique" on Pinterest! Our tattoo needs to show those out there something others will want to "Pin"!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.00201 day, 3 hrs
Music Tribal
Tribal Treble Clef and Bass Clef united to form a heart
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$150.00311 day, 3 hrs
sexy pin-up n.y. Jets
I would like this tattoo to be an eyecatcher, A tattoo where people say, WOW, who did that!!!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$75.0091 day, 6 hrs
Multinational family piece
Represents a multicultural family. Filipino, American and Chinese.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$76.0091 day, 9 hrs
Born to code - Dagger Heart
Classic Dagger heart for a guy that has been coding/programming for 30 years.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.0071 day, 9 hrs
Crow with Pisces symbol
Ideally something that's creative and unique, at least semi-detailed. Open to whatever sort of coloring.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$160.0091 day, 10 hrs
African-Japanese Fusion - Perseverance Theme
Detailed enough to appreciate each of the different figures, but simple enough to capture both cultures with a quick glance.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$185.0061 day, 11 hrs
Patterned tiger
Tiger face with geometric or aztec patterns or design.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$52.0061 day, 18 hrs
Cowboy tattoo
Full shoulder blades winged buffalo skull
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$265.00611 day, 19 hrs
Island meets nerd
Like I said Hawaiian islands or hawaiian/local style which shows pride from there but also shows the nerdiness I have anime.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$120.0031 day, 20 hrs
Celtic "JD"
Letters "JD" in a celtic design that looks authentic to the times.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$55.0092 days, 0 hrs
Manta Ray
Detailed Tahitian/Polynesian Manta Ray for a lateral calf piece. Black ink only. Use photos as guidelines.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$225.00142 days, 1 hr
Symbolize our renewed excitement in our marriage! Phoenix? Mexican skull?
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.00122 days, 2 hrs
Cross Rehabilitation
Hey! Comments closed when I selected other, I would love what you said in last comment on the bird. Up for this one too?
This is a Prepaid private contest.$80.0012 days, 3 hrs
Ethereal Nemaste written in Sanskrit for forearm... Meant to evoke peace and gratefulness....
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.00102 days, 17 hrs