Custom Tattoo Design Contests

Time Left
Need substance behind my next tattoo of words.
Looking for background substance to go with the words BURNING BRIGHT
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$30.00659 mins
Celtic Trinity Symbol but unique
Celtic Trinity Tattoo with unique design
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$45.00315 hrs, 20 mins
forearm piece with lots of movement
Add your creative flair to the tree of life or phoenix with a representation of mother and child
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$165.001112 hrs, 22 mins
sign of the Zodiac archer/Sagittarius and aries
My 2 Kids name and The sign of the Zodiac
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$90.00513 hrs, 29 mins
butterfly and music tattoo design
in remembrance to my grandparents, to celebrate freedom and honour the love of my life - music
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$47.003916 hrs, 15 mins
Amp Up My Tattoo
Play with scrollwork, flowers, butterflies, steampunk and sacred geometry around very square trademarked logo. NO WORDS!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.001518 hrs, 11 mins
Letters S and Z - looking for strong simplicity
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$36.005018 hrs, 13 mins
Construction Girl
If u can fit in a barrel or a hard hat (not on her head) or a shovel would be great! And a cutoff safety vest that says DOT!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.002119 hrs, 56 mins
In memory of Grandad and Cousin
someone who could add some creativity for me. Although this is in memory of it doesn't have to be of a religious tone.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$65.0031 day, 0 hrs
My grandpa foley past away last year and I been wanting to get this for him
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.0041 day, 4 hrs
States Tattoo with a Twist
State tattoos with scenic landscape touch.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$75.0021 day, 4 hrs
Existing tattoo needs detail & bringing to life
I want it to be really cool, unique, with detail and depth.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$85.0061 day, 6 hrs
Birthflowers ankle tattoo
I want my birthflower tattoo to be meaningful and special. My boys are my life and I want my tattoo to represent that.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$65.00131 day, 14 hrs
Compass Tattoo
A compass tattoo that has the artist's personal touch to it to make the piece a one of a kind!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.00201 day, 19 hrs
Beautiful angel
An angelic design of my grandson who died last year, so I can keep him close to me for ever, thank you, x
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$65.0021 day, 19 hrs
Family Scroll
Scroll over my stomach to symbolize my family and fiance.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$125.0072 days, 0 hrs
Butterfly bracelet with name
Bracelet, butterfly, name, feminine, black and colours
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$36.0092 days, 0 hrs
simple black and white tattoo
Black, no colors, "simple" black lines, minimalist.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$78.0032 days, 1 hr
Day I Met My Soulmate
Connect me with my soul mate forever please! We know this process will give us the tattoo we've been dreaming of.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.00292 days, 3 hrs
T.S. Eliot Stanza
Quote from TS Eliot poem, upper backpiece, Visually inventive while being legible - use Shakespeare's Fool and Hamlet as ref.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$55.0062 days, 4 hrs
Create design around existing tattoo of my children's initials.
Help me create something truely unique thy incorporates my children's initials.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$300.00112 days, 7 hrs
pattern stag tattoo
Patterned stag/deer tattoo
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.00122 days, 8 hrs
Forearm sanskrit Tattoo
Forearm sanskrit Tattoo
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$36.0072 days, 9 hrs
Mexico, Caribbean, Vacations
I am 56, got my first tattoo, and hour glass half full of sand running out to stand for life, but with flames around it, lol.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$75.0012 days, 16 hrs
Initials on inner thigh.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$40.00132 days, 17 hrs
Bring my Eagle to life
Background for an Eagle/breast-cancer ribbon tattoo. Bring my eagle to life
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$53.00142 days, 18 hrs
Half Angel Half Aries Ram
The idea represents that i am holy in many ways, but i also stick to my true astrological sign, because it does represent me.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$45.0022 days, 18 hrs
Black Panther with Initials T&S intertwined on it's back
I want it about 6 inches long and it will be on my bicep/upper arm.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.0052 days, 21 hrs
Need lots of creativity! Paying well.
I know the feel/attitude of my next tattoo, but I don't know what it looks like yet, which is why I need your artistic ideas!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$185.00163 days, 0 hrs
Daisy memorial tattoo
Looking for a unique tattoo to represent my loved ones using the daisy (mom's favorite). Ideally as a cover up (not reqd).
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$200.00133 days, 4 hrs