Custom Tattoo Design Contests

Time Left
Scottish Emblems
Combination of classic Scottish images, to commemorate the end of an era, including a bird in flight, a river, and some text
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$80.0087 hrs, 57 mins
Snake eating itself - Ouroboros Armband
Trippy snake head for a geometric tattoo needed
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.00814 hrs, 1 min
Celtic Sea
I love the sea and the Celtic is my ancestors I can be bould and colourful but like the sea need to be swept away.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$110.00114 hrs, 19 mins
Compass and dagger for my arm
A compass rose and a stylized dagger planted inside !
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$60.00815 hrs, 17 mins
Antique heart with flowers
Antique heart with flowing flowers
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$55.002217 hrs, 24 mins
Delicate Inner Arm or Wrist
Think Dr Woo, delicate, textured and fine detail.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.003017 hrs, 53 mins
Tree Branches and Leaves (represents "The Giving Tree")
Tree branches and leaves
This is a Prepaid private contest.$100.00219 hrs, 4 mins
Hawaiian Mexican
Hispanic, grew up in Hawaii. Trying to combine a previous tattoo with a Polynesian/hawaiian sleeve
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$55.00019 hrs, 24 mins
Cover up job on the joker. It is meant to illustrate my unusual life path. Prefer abstract, bio-mechanical and Polynesian.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$450.00221 day, 8 hrs
Unique back piece
A unique design to incorporate all parts of my life.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$123.00101 day, 12 hrs
simple white ink intimate tattoo heart/buttefly
White ink heart/butterfly with name Si hidden in design, intimate placement. simple, striking with a sense of scarification
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$40.00461 day, 14 hrs
Hieroman Family Shield
I want it to be powerfull, that represents how strong we are as a team.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.00111 day, 14 hrs
Atletico de Madrid Shield
Atletico de Madrid Spanish Soccer Team Shield Tattoo, with ten stars (Spanish Championship Titles) and 1903 (foundation year)
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$65.0071 day, 15 hrs
strong enough
This tattoo is one to remind me of all the depression and dark times I've come through. I want to remind me that I am strong
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$150.00142 days, 3 hrs
The Lion King Sleeve
Wanted! An epic Lion King design.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$400.00222 days, 7 hrs
Grizzly bear and the barb wire pineapple
Looking for a grizzly bear holding a pineapple in memory of friends
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.0062 days, 13 hrs
Upper half sleve carp incorporating small old blurred tattoo
Incorporate a small old panther tattoo into a upper halve sleve featuring Koi Carp as uploaded images.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$200.00192 days, 19 hrs
Raging Ram.
Raging Ram smashes the tree!!!
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$120.00182 days, 21 hrs
Three Kids and a Harley
Shoulder to elbow sleeve that incorporates some type of screamin eagle design, the celtic trinity and my three kids names.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$130.0033 days, 1 hr
Bad@$$ Vixen Woman
Sexy woman with a fox headdress. Edgy, Geometric, Detailed, B&W possibly with a splash of red.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$76.0063 days, 5 hrs
four leaf clover
Four leaf clover with stem spelling out my grandmothers name
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$40.00193 days, 15 hrs
Combine J and P together, P off of the J
I want something feminine, vibrant and unique
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.00274 days, 4 hrs
Wolf design with the weapon Bo with it.
I want this one to be strong looking but not angry nor to kind,
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$80.00234 days, 13 hrs
Dream Catcher
Dream catcher tattoo
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$105.00154 days, 14 hrs
Not my circus, not my three wise monkeys - recovery tattoo.
1st tattoo - finally found it, now I just need to image to go along with hit. Help remind me I can't control everything.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$100.0064 days, 16 hrs
Large Tribal Dragon Want it Covered. Is This Possible?
Something with colour and brightness to take as much tribal out as possible.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$240.00214 days, 16 hrs
Plain kanji tattoo, help make it a work of art! (Nature/pop-art)
Japanese themed design to fit in with my existing kanji tattoo.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$57.0014 days, 17 hrs
Perception Tattoo
Represents how everyone sees the world differently. It should look like one scene but also like another at the same time.
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$51.00224 days, 18 hrs
Fall design
Fall flowers ankle tattoo
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$150.0084 days, 23 hrs
Let it go - New Mantra
Let it Go Tattoo
This is a Prepaid Public Contest.$50.0045 days, 11 hrs