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i sketch, paint, do portraits, abstract, cartoon, etc

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Marketplace Tattoos

kanji symbol for believe
stars and swirls
forget me not vine and flower
infinity with vines
hearts stars and filigree
tribal swirl band
bird and tulips
a mothers love
lotus flower with ying yang eye
clouds  sun and doves
sak yant wing design
tribal hummingbird
bat tribal design
red heart and 3 pink hearts
ocean wave in circle
dream catcher with feathers
tree of life 1
cute robot
chimp in the jungle on surfboard
tribal bull
butterfly swirl
monarch butterfly
ankh with sun
bird anchor and rose
kneeling angel
sweet pea flower
candy skull with webs and a heart
texas meteor
rainbow heart column
Two Fish
skulls and flames
butterfly infinity
geisha flowers and butterfly
blue and pink stars with swirls
basketball over flames
butterfly and hearts
many swirls and stars
3 butterflies and swirls
big tree with shadow underneath
nautical compass with sun and waves
indian arrowhead
dolphin on a wave
heart necklace
cat paw prints and waves
steampunk owl
pattern design
thorn vine heart
hawaiian iron man theme
compass and globe
grim reaper
floating lotus
barbwired  heart
wooden cross with barbwire and banners no text
bull 1
purple roses
frangipani and butterfly
indian arrowhead with indian face
butterfly profile
big heart with smaller heart around and above
hand holding earth
eagle tribal design
fire breathing dragon
feather and rose
infinity with roses and dagger
daisies and swirls
guitar with music notes on the strings
heart with wings
fairy wings
tribal cross
snake crown
back tribal design
tribal tiger
african designs and face
blue puzzle piece
love butterfly
scary clown
trail of hearts
black scorpion
tribal eye
pink rose
rose and mayflower
boxing gloves
3 black birds
compass with doves and stars
flying dove with heart
open hands
kanji symbol for family
detailed lily
angry tiger face
cat paw prints and vine
heart and stars
owl profile
mechanical parts
2 flying doves
hummingbird rose and mayflower
scorpion with ivy
open heart
lily stars swirl vine
butterfly in the sky/ swirl
flying dove with ribbon
buddha face and pattern
stars and swirls
tree of life 1
sophisticated kitty
birthstone color stars and swirls
hummingbird and swirls
clown eyes

Recent Wins

Combination of Two Letters - 2
1st Anniversary Tattoo - 1
A mother's love. - 7
FIRST TATTOO - 2no color
Text on upper back - 3
Infinity YOLO - 1
The names of my children - 5
Tribute letter Z for Dog who passed away recently  - more flowers and leaves and vines color

Recent Entries

Intertwined Initials - new
Intertwined Initials - 9
Intertwined Initials - 8
Intertwined Initials - 7
Intertwined Initials - 6
Intertwined Initials - 5
Intertwined Initials - 4
Intertwined Initials - 2