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Life long Artist, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts. Any creative Medium! All My designs are done by hand.The mediums that I like to work in are Pen and Ink, Pencil, Marker, Watercolor, Acrylic. I come from a long and strong line of artists..... Do not be concerned if the coloring of your design is not what you had in mind, as that will ultimately be between you and your Ink Artist... Best wishes on your quest!

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Marketplace Tattoos

Turtle Tribal
Vines and Leaves
Polynesian Arm design
Polynesian Turtle Armband
Flowers and ribbon
Naval themed sugar scull
Maori Wings
Pegasus Tribal
Zentangle Flower design
Stalking Wolf
Butterfly with swirls
Gecko Tribal
Guitar- Drum Tribute to Music
Good and Evil Music
Sagitarrius - Scorpio  Tat
Detailed Feather Design
Celtic Hounds - Large tattoo
Dragon - Infinity Symbol
Celtic Tree
Italian and Irish Heritage Tattoo
Phoenix rising from the ashes
Flowers , Dragonflies and Butterfly
American eagle
Wave  - black and white drawing
Koi Fish
Shark Tribal
Live Life Infinity
Asian Fan
Arrow with two feathers
Tribal Bear Claw
Five Roses
Cherry Blossoms
Cross and Rose
Rose Vine Design
Wing Design
Koi Fish
Dancing in the Rain
Melting (Salvadore Dali) Shamrock
Circular Vine and flowers
Tribal Tiger
Butterflies, Rose and flowers
Nautical Themed Tat
Feminine OM design
Panda - Cross - Lillies
3 Fish  - wave armband design
Appletree rose
Stylized Wing design
Heart - Roses
Pisces Koi fish Design
M Dot art deco style
Zentangle Flower design
Turtle family
Two Tone  Flowers - and Stars
Fish Trisklion
Hibiscus - Lilies Tattoo
Rugby -Scotland -New Zealand and Australia
Axe Guitar - Dragon Head
Two Tier Dreamcatcher
Basil Leaf
Trisklion Fish
Flowers and stars
Tribal with PI symbol
Mermaid Sun
Tribal Design
Light House and sail boat
Two birds - Tribal
American Eagle - Death Before Dishonor
Henna Inspired Design
Celtic Hearts
Tribal Design
Surfer Wave
Hummingbird - Hibiscus
Grape Vine
Bleding Heart
Angel Fish
Metal Iron man design
Tribal Bear paw
Tiger Tribal color
Lotus Flower
Gemini symbol with vines
Celtic hearts & knot
Tree of life
Celtic (detailed) Spiral
Sun - Moon Circle
Capricorn Snake
Butterfly flourish
Phoenix 1
Anchor and snake
Strong Eagle

Recent Wins

kids names - Kids Names - Initials
Polynesian Quarter to Half Sleeve Custom Tattoo - Polynesian Arm Tat2
Add to 49ers tattoo on my upper arm. - Tribal built around SF logo - 2
Aquarius & Tribal Sun Combination! First Tattoo!!! - Tribal Sun and Aquarius Combo 3
3 initials for a mom and 2 sons - Mom and Two Sons -1
Breastroker - Breaststroke - Water Design -7
Phil's Graduation  - Taurus - Tribal bull
Twin LadyBugs - Ladybug twins - Heart

Recent Entries

Denver Broncos - Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos - Denver Broncos
Wolf symbol - wolf tat
Wolf symbol - wolf 1
Right arm half sleeve - Inside arm  - Names with backgrnd scales - stencil2
Right arm half sleeve - Cross - Backgrnd scales stencil
Right arm half sleeve - Kids names
Right arm half sleeve - Preliminary Idea