Artist Guidelines provides Artists the ability to:

Artists Code of Conduct:

Getting Paid (Cha-Ching!):

At we require all contest holders to pay the prize money prior to starting the contest.   We take 15% of the prize money to cover the credit card processing (~3%), overhead and advertising fees (~12%).  We hold the prize money and pay it out when the winner is picked.  We also require that the contest holder must pick a winner at the end of the contest. 

In essence, the prize money is guaranteed to be awarded to one artist.   The only exceptions are if the contest does not get the minimum requirement of 10 design entries or the customer requests a refund.  Needless to say we need your help to make sure every contest gets at least 10 design entries and a design the customer loves.  When the contest is completed and the tattoo design has been successfully transferred to the client, the customer can release the payment. 

We currently offer payment to the artists via Paypal only.  You must have an account setup with Paypal to receive payment.  If you feel strongly that we should provide an alternative method of payment please let us know and we would be happy to look into it.
Payment Links:

What is the best size and file format for my entry?

We accept GIF, JPG, and PNG formats up to 4000px x 4000px and 2MB in size.  Anything larger will not be accepted.

Your IP and Copyright:

The winning designer must transfer the full rights to the contest holder.  We provide the legal agreements required to facilitate this process.  Any non-winning original designs remain the sole property of the artists.

Entries must be YOUR work:

Please, make sure you own the designs that you submit.   You are not permitted to use any form of stock images, clip art, free vector images or flash.  We strictly enforce this policy and encourage the community to identify artists that do not follow these rules.

Communicating with Designers and Contest Holders:

Please be professional and polite to all members of the community.  If you need to discuss a question or concern with a specific member of the community please use our private messaging system.  We do not allow discussing any disagreements or personal issues in the public comments section.

The Key to Success:

We often see that artists do not fully read the client's contest description.  This description is the key to creating a design that will win.  If something is not clear, politely make a comment or contact the contest holder.  The second tip is to watch the feedback the contest holders provide to all the artists.  This is a great way to pick up on things the client likes and dislikes.