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All of my designs are hand drawn and colored within your size specifications, which ensures my designs are actually tattooable at the size you want!

Check out my portfolio below. These are just general examples. As you can see I love color, but I'm really good at black and grey also.

Custom Tattoo Designer's Portfolio

Marketplace Tattoos

Buddha in Ohm
Mother Nature Tree
Explore Dream Discover
Bird with Crown & Love Letter
Watercolor Sword
Family Anchor
Wolves & Butterflies
Dream Catcher
Sail Away Watercolor
Dream Catcher with Wolves
Lily Scroll Heart
Cupcake Death
Musical Bird
Beautiful Pink Decorative Scroll
Lily with lace
Gladiolus Side Piece
Pretty Scrolly Key
Dream Catcher
Celtic Cross
Locket Key
Peony Flower
Blooming Decaying Heart
Pretty anchor with feather
Good and Evil Wings
Forget Me Nots
Gear Clock
Hidden Poppy Fairy
Dagger Rose Skull
Love Heart
Abstract Roses

Recent Wins

Enlightenment  - Enlightenment
upper back left side (colorful) - Colorful
Punkrock - Punkrock
Baseball/Mom - Mom tribute
Heritage tattoo.  - Heritage
The California Feather - California feather
Wrist with my heart - Ben & Ana
Lower back, cover up! - Cover up

Recent Entries

Need spooky snowflake tree for small palm - Snowflake tree
Ship Anchor with text - Light
Phrase - I am
My favorite things - Favorite
Ironman Butterfly with filigree - Mdot
HOPE - Hope
Minimalist Siamese Cat Tattoo - Siamese
Minimalist Siamese Cat Tattoo - Siamese