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An aspiring tattoo artist, stuck in an average 9 to 5 job, but hoping to one day get into tattooing! I have a passion for art (particulary Japanese art and tattoos), my family and my motorbike! I've found this site and love it - the contests are a brilliant way to push your artistic limits and stretch the creative muscle. Tattoos are intimate things, something starting as an idea in your head being on a persons body for life! I don't like using computer programs to create my designs, I firmly believe that you get the best results from pen, pencil, ink and paint! Remember - you need something that will look good as a tattoo, designed for the contours of the arm, sholder, chest, etc. Never judge someone who has tattoos - I sometimes get disapproving looks, when people get to know me they are often suprised to find I have a law degree! Luckily I chucked that in to persue my dream ;-) Don't choose an 'off the shelf' design - go for something unique with meaning! And remember - cheap tattoos ain't good, good tattoos ain't cheap!

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